​Group Coaching Program for Women

​Are you ready to hear the truth?

You can choose to stay stuck in your problems OR you can choose to get a different result in your life.

​It's entirely up to you!

It’s your job to like you. It’s not anybody else’s.

And nobody else can hurt you. Only you hurt you.

But you were never taught how to truly understand your value or what to do with negative emotion and you’ve done amazingly well anyway.

But now your life is more complicated and the people in your life need you to be strong.

Besides, you’re tired of feeling this way and you know an amazing version of you is just around the corner.

It’s time.

My name is ​Heather Mitchell and I will be your guide.

You can relax now. I’ve got you.

​Here's what you can expect in my women's group program

​If you choose to join us, you will go on a journey of personal development. We will be covering​ topics ​such as: 

​Emotional and Physical Health



​Career & Social Life

Here's how it works:

  • ​Learn how to master your emotions to change the results in your life in 8 short weeks!
  • ​Show up to the weekly calls online, and sign up to be coached yourself
  • check
    Listen to coaching and get answers for yourself
  • ​Do the homework and print out the assignments. Keep them in a special binder
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    Learn how to feed and nourish your body in a way that gets results
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    Watch your life transform!

​Mindy Terry

​Mom of 5 - School Assistant

I have struggled in life with so many of the same issues  as many other women but I found Heather!   Heather helps me recognize my successes and helps me understand my setbacks or what I like to call my self sabotage.  Then helps me to move forward.  

 She has helped me see that it's not only ok to put myself first but it's necessary, to live a more fulfilled life & to be able to be there for my family.

She helps me to recognize how my stress & desire to have control was making me hold onto my weight.  Then taught me how to release the stress and look at life in a more compassionate way. 

The clarity I get after each call is what I've needed for years.  Each time I tried to put my health first life came at me and I began to resort to old habits.  Unhealthy habits which made me miserable.

Through all of this coaching I'm sleeping better which helps me to be a better person all around.  I have found peace in many hard situations and stayed focused on my goals.

THANK YOU Health coach Heather ♥️

This program isn’t for everyone...

If you are looking for someone to tell you that your life is hard, this is not the program for you.

If you are interested in short term quick fixes this is not the program for you.

But if you believe that personal development is what this life is about, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for tools that will enable you to become the next version of yourself, then you’re one of us.

If you are ready to be the hero of your own story, then let’s do this!

What are you waiting for?

Act Now! ​Program closes in


​What if I'm not able to attend LIVE calls? 

​Can I join anytime?

​I’m not comfortable sharing my personal issues with others. Is there a way to get coached anonymously?

​Who is this program designed for?

​What is the cost of the program?