Choose Water  Ditch Soda

The Choose Water Ditch Soda campaign aims to empower teenagers aged 13-15 at ALA North Gilbert Jr. High school to prioritize their health by making informed choices about what they consume during the crucial transition from childhood to adolescence.

Our campaign, 'Choose Water Ditch Soda,' features a captivating logo that is specifically designed to appeal to teenagers, encouraging them to opt for water over soda. With a careful selection of colors and fonts, our logo aims to grab attention and create an immediate impact.

The vibrant and bold color palette chosen for the logo captures the essence of youthfulness and energy, instantly drawing the eye. The colors exude a sense of freshness and vitality, aligning perfectly with the idea of choosing a healthier alternative like water.

Through our strategically crafted logo, we aim to inspire teenagers to make conscious choices by emphasizing the benefits of water and discouraging the consumption of sugary sodas. By visually capturing their attention, we hope to ignite a desire for a healthier lifestyle and promote the importance of staying hydrated.

Soda Causes Obesity & Weight gain in teens

Soda does not Hydrate the Body

Contrary to popular belief, sodas do not effectively hydrate the body. The high sugar and caffeine content in sodas can have diuretic effects, leading to increased urine production and potential dehydration.

The Benefits of drinking more water

Join us on episode #175 of the Healthy Families Rule podcast as we explore the dangers of soda consumption and practical tips for choosing a healthier option: water. Gain valuable insights on the detrimental effects of excessive soda intake, empowering parents and teens to make informed decisions. Discover the refreshing benefits of reducing soda and embracing the goodness of water through engaging discussions and expert advice.

Alternatives to Soda

Sparkling Water

One Drop of Essential Oil in Water

Berries or Herbs in Water

Lemon Water