10 Tips to achieve your ideal weight!

Weather you want to lose weight or gain weight or shift your weight with more muscle, these tools will come in handy when you’re ready to take it on full speed! 

There is a technical formula for determining ideal weight according to the Hamwi equation. Here it is:
WOMEN: Start with 100 lbs. Add 5 lbs for each inch above five feet and minus 5 lbs for each inch below five feet. This should be your ideal weight according to Hamwi.

MEN: Start with 106 lbs. Add 6 lbs for each inch above five feet and minus 6 lbs for each inch below five feet. This will be your ideal weight!

*Typically, being within 10% of this number is considered acceptable, allowing for different body frames.

From an intuitive standpoint, ideal weight is the weight one feels best at and can safely maintain. Whatever that looks like. This is you listening to your body and letting that be a guide rather than  relying on a number on the scale. 2 things will affect your body weight. 1: Primary foods which are: Career, Spirituality, Relationships and physical exercise! All area’s must first find balance. Then we dive into the Secondary Foods. 2: Food you eat! Proper nutrition will be key. Instead of jumping from diet to diet, be intuitive and listen to your body. If you’re constantly craving sugar, you might be lacking something in the primary foods area. Get that balanced first. It might be something missing in your relationships. Or perhaps your stressed and unhappy with your career.  Fix it, and watch those craving diminish. As you up your veggie intake and crowd out the bad foods, your body will be getting more and more nutrients, and be able to really do it’s job.

No matter the goal, don’t forget to consider the big picture and put more emphasis on how you feel rather than body weight!

Let’s give you those tips shall we?

1. Switch up your beverages
      If you’re looking to lose weight, add more water to your diet. Replacing sugar-sweetened or high calorie beverages with water is especially useful in supporting a healthy weight. If you’re always consuming soft drinks, you may actually eat more calories during the day.
     If you want to gain weight, smoothies packed with Whole Foods are a great option. Try using nut butters in your smoothing and adding flaxseeds, chia seeds or avocados for some extra goodness.

2. Focus on whole, nutrient-dense foods.
     For weight loss, a well-rounded diet based on Whole Foods can naturally help support a healthy weight. Things like healthy fats, complex carbs and organic proteins provide adequate nutrition and help you feel satisfied and full. You’ll be less likely to reach for snacks during the day. You’ll support your gut if you add in lots of green veggies and fermented foods like homemade sourkraut, kombucha or kefir. Give wild brine a try! I love in on salads and eggs!
    For gaining weight, You may want to eat many small meals throughout the day and look into the peanut butter diet for weight gain. Adding cheese helps to add calories. Include high quality fat sources such as olive and coconut oils and salmon.

3. Limit exposure to additives.
     For weight loss, I would consider getting rid of products you use on your skin that have toxic ingredients. Switch to a natural makeup and skincare line. I really like “Crunchi” brand makeup for that. Stop using chemicals to clean with. Go directly for microfiber and water. Use unscented lotion and get rid of parfumes. This sounds crazy but I promise that once you get those things cleared out of your life, you’ll feel so much better. Those things attack the endocrine system which messes with adrenals and thyroid. I find that you really need to do more than clean up your diet. Clean up your home environment too by ditching chemical laden products. Also Get rid of BPA found in plastics. Switch to glass container.
  For weight gain: This information is the same. Seriously this is just for your health!

4. Manage Stress.
     For weight loss: stress can cause weight to increase in two ways. First, the stress hormones in the body are increased. This makes the body go into fat-storage mode. The second way is emotional. Stress tends to cause people to seek comfort, often in the form of food. The more the stress, the more you are drawn to sugary foods and high calorie foods. This also leads to fat storage.
   For Weight gain: Many find that stress decreases appetite. This may lead some to actually eating less during stress, thus causing weight loss. Make a plan to increase your food intake if this is you. Try to eat regular meals with others and include interesting spices and flavors in your cooking (curry, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, allspice, cayenne  etc..)

Here are some ways to reduce stress; Yoga, Exercise, Meditation, Music, Deep breathing, Books

5. Eat Mindfully.
      For Weight Loss: When eating, try to slow down and be present. Take a moment to be grateful for the food and try to chew each bite thoroughly. You may just find you are satisfied by a much smaller portion than when you are rushed and don’t take time to consider the meal.
     For Weight Gain: It’s important that each bite of your meal is nourishing you. Picture the food entering your body and making you stronger. Taking extra time for eating your meals can also help support good digestion and nutrient absorption.

6. Include Breakfast. (Or not)
      For Weight Loss: You may want to check out my article on anabolic fasting. I’ve heard many success stories of weight loss from an intermittent fast. Google this. But also people who eat a wholesome breakfast lose weight as well. I like to go for a high protein high fat breakfast to get me going instead of lots of carbs like cereal and bread.
    For Weight Gain: If you’re looking to add more calories to your diet, breakfast is an excellent opportunity to do this! Choose a well rounded breakfast that offers protein, complex carbs and fat sources.

7. Don’t Skip Meals.
     For Weight Loss: If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure you’re not getting too hungry between meals. When this happens, you are more likely to binge on the foods you’re trying to limit. Not only are you more inclined to make an impulsive food decision, but you may end up eating far more than you normally would. 
    For Weight Gain: To gain weight, you may want to eat smaller, balanced meals adn include more snacks to add calories. Skipping meals may make putting on weight more difficult.

8. Cook Foods at Home.
    For Weight Loss: Not only are portion sizes larger at restaurants, which leads people to eat more, they’re also typically higher in fat, salt, and sugar. Eating out can be a fun treat, but if you’re getting the majority of your food from restaurants, you may be consuming more calories than you realize. Experiment with cooking at home and explore a variety of whole foods and cooking techniques.

9. Prioritize Sleep.
   For Weight Loss: Skipping out on sleep can cause disruptions in your circadian rhythms, which can increase inflammation in the body and create conditions conducive to weight gain. Sleep deprivation also causes your body to produce more ghrelin, the hormone that signals you to eat. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. 
  For Weight Loss: Same goes for you!

10. Exercise!
   For Weight Loss: Working out helps relieve stress, burn calories, and give your metabolism a boost even when you’re not working out. Make sure to have some protein following your workout to help support muscle repair. Remember also, I lost 40lbs lifting heavy weights, not killing myself with cardio. Do what works for your body.
  For Weight Gain: Resistance exercises and strength training can help build muscle. Remember to eat enough calories to support the extra activity while still allowing weight gain. You may also want to consider a protein-rich snack or meal following a workout to help support muscle repair.

These tips are meant to help you, not overwhelm you. I don’t want to add an extra thing to your already full plate. Just pick one and start making it a habit. Remember that health is a marathon, not a sprint!
đź’—Health Coach Heather

Information from this post was pulled from my knowledge learned through IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition! If you’d like more information on becoming a Health Coach, you will LOVE this school. I can get you started! Click HERE for more info!

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