Okay let me quickly tell you about me. I am a cycle instructor and I really want my classes to get the most out of my ride and see some results as well. So every month I propose a challenge for them. We started the monthly challenges in June. June kicked us off with 30 days NO SUGAR! It was a rough one for a lot of us, but we did it and even my kids got on board. We rewarded ourselves with a monthly pass to KTR…an indoor gym for kids with trampolines, gym floor, indoor scooter rink and crossfit classes for the adults (and kids). We love it!!
July’s challenge was a bit rougher for me. It was 30 days NO GLUTEN! While there are many many gluten-free options out there, for some reason I just couldn’t get my mind in the game 100% and probably did 80% gluten-free. I burned dinner one night and we all went for Pizza! Yes I ordered a gluten-free one, but it just wasn’t the same and I ended up eating the real thing! The other part to this challenge was to read the book “Grain Brain” because honestly, it was life changing for me. I also hear wheat belly is a good read as well!
Okay, so here we are in August! We needed a challenge that was equally challenging as the other two, and I believe this one might be the roughest so far….1 WEEK JUICE DETOX. Yes, we are juicing for an entire week. All our meals. If you need protein, a protein shake in-between meals is fine. Also a lemon water in a quart jar every morning. The goal is to make it to at least 3 days! If you can only do 24 hrs, GREAT! Do whatever you can to detox your gut! The other part of this challenge is to watch the documentary (on Netflix) Fat, Sick and nearly dead. Again…life changing. My dad watched this show and was inspired to juice for 30 days straight. He lost nearly 50lbs! He said he never felt better. His neuropathy in his feet went away. He had way more energy. He was happy. Sadly after going off the juice, he gained it all back! What happened? His mind wasn’t in the game for the long haul.
So this is my week! Im going to be drinking juice and letting you know how I feel and how it goes. I have my fridge all stocked up with juice I’ve already made. For some of my recipes, look me up on Instagram “Liftandcycle”.
Happy Juicing!

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