How’s it going? Are you finding this workout challenging enough? I really like the mix of HIIT cardio one day and weight lifting the next. Im finding it challenging for me for sure. I’ve been on another journey or sorts in this health and wellness realm these past few months. I’ve switched my mindset and my diet up and Im feeling better than ever. In an attempt to naturally take care of my oral health, I’ve found that diet really plays a huge role. Eliminating phytic acid was key. So I no longer eat grains (oatmeal, bread, pasta, rice etc.. also almonds have phytic acid) and Im eating a lot more grass fed beef, organic chicken, avacado, bone broth, fermented veggies, coconut oil, ghee, grass fed butter, raw milk. Lets just say Im eating LOTS of healthy fats. Im losing weight and feeling the best I ever have. I’ve also mixed in some Intermittent fasting. You can find all this information at an extremely helpful website called If you go to her menu of options and click “Start here”, you’ll see all these things I’ve just mentioned with ample research to back it up. She made some changes with her diet and her oral health dramatically improved. She also has a podcast on Itunes or Stitcher that I highly recommend listening to. And while you’re at it, listen to the podcast titled “Fat burning man” by Abel James. It will change your life. So honestly, I’ve stopped stressing out completely about getting my workout in for the day and focused more on what Im putting in my body. I’ve weened my kids off bread and switched out the white refined sugar for coconut palm sugar. Yea it’s more expensive, but Im not baking with it hardly ever so it’s worth it to me. It’s perfect for the times I do need to sweeten something up. Also grade B maple syrup and raw honey works well. There are options out there for healthier substitutes. I also started eating when my body told me to. Not before. You’re body knows what it needs when it needs it. Just listen.

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