A boost of confidence!

Today at the gym while I was finishing up my mobility and stretching, a lady came up to me and said “I’ve been watching you, and your form is perfect. I will pay you to teach me that”….I was so flattered. No ones ever said that to me before, but for the last year I have made a very conscious effort to make sure my form is just as it needs to be on all my lifts. I have never gotten injured before…last week was the absolute closest I came to being injured. I was dead lifting 135 lbs and it was really heavy for me. I could only do 1 or 2 reps. The next day I really felt it in my lower back and was sore for a few days after. But Im proud I tried it. Next time, less weight, better form until I can actually do that 135 for 3 reps with perfect form. I love having confidence though walking into the gym right over to where all the meat heads are lifting and holding my own. Its empowering. I can’t explain it but I love it! And I love that someone noticing my form thought it was spot on! If you’re going to lift, do cross-fit, run or do ANYTHING at all really, I can’t stress enough the importance of Mobility. Stretching. Massaging those muscles being used on a regular basis. To get you started on this, go to YouTube, Type in “Mobility Wod”. You will get familiar with a guy named Kelly Starrett. You will come to love him. He is so smart and will show you so many moves for Mobility and taking care of your body. It’s so important. I promise you will never get injured if you’re taking care of your body.

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