A quick follow-up on getting sleep!

Are you doing it? Have you made the conscious effort to get better sleep since my last post? Remember…this is number 1 on my list of healthy habits to get into! After writing that article, something interesting happened to me…I got really tired! I got tired midday about 1:30pm. I was fortunate to be in a position where I could take a nap (I know many of you don’t have that luxury and maybe this is the number one reason I have a hard time working for “The Man”). So what did I do? I did what any good mother would do…I put a show on for my kids and I slept! I SLEPT for 2.5 hrs (okay so it was more like 2 movies for them). Something about that article and talking about sleep all week long with my clients at the gym evoked a deep need for sleep within myself. I didn’t feel bad when I woke up either that my kids were still watching T.V and were hungry and the house was a mess. No, I just let it be! In fact, an amazing thing happened with my brain…I was so alert and clear minded I knew exactly what I needed to do that evening to be productive. An issue I’ve been working on and praying about for a while has been the area of family finance and how to create a budget. It’s always been a deep dark spot somewhere in my brain that I just couldn’t get a handle on..where is the money going and why is it going so fast? Well this particular nap, led me to look deeper into that in a mindset of calm and peace where usually I feel overwhelmed about the whole thing. I was able to go in and see all these darn little subscription we had and knock some of those out (hulu, spotify, Apple Music, graze etc..) Cancelled all of them and I feel better. Those little $10 a month things really add up. I was able to finalize and budget a business trip I have coming up in a couple of weeks and bring the team together in excitement for that. I was able to cook an amazing meal and make a video of it to post to my instagram. I was able to order the kids around in a manner that was calm and patient to clean the house…and it worked! Not perfectly on that last one, but it worked! By the time hubby was home for dinner, it was all done. He was able to come home to a clean home, dinner on the table and a happy wife. And guess who I owe that to? Not old Uncle Sam! It was SLEEP! Then the same thing happened today. I felt tired about 2:00pm and woke up about 3:45pm. I feel amazing. The house is calm and quiet, kids are reading books. There really is something magical about listening to your body and getting sleep. So again, here are my top tips for zonking out and staying out!
1. The bedroom needs to be a cold dark place. I like my room temp for sleeping around 72 degrees.
2. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs is great for posture and comfort.
3. Having a fan for white noise going in the background is a must in my book.
4. You can count sheep and that might work for you, but I once saw this quote on a church sign “If you have trouble sleeping at night, don’t count sheep, talk to the shepherd” I thought it was cute so I’ve been doing that ever since and it works like a charm. But let’s say your atheist, talk to your diary.
5. I would teach myself to sleep on any surface anytime, anywhere. Remember when we were kids and could sleep on the floor with jus at blanket…not even a pillow sometimes! Why have our bodies become so sensitive as we’ve gotten older. I personally think we should retrain our bodies to sleep anywhere. Who knows, you might be out camping one day and get a hole in your blow up mattress and have to sleep flat on the ground. Well wouldn’t it be awesome to NOT wake up with a backache but totally rested? I highly recommend the book “MOVE YOUR DNA” by Katy Bowman. She’s doing just that. I am about to read her book for the 2nd time. It’s on audible. She’s got some good tips for doing just that.
6. Instead of sleeping on a pillow, roll up a towel and put it behind your neck. This is especially helpful if your a person who tends to get headaches and neck pain. Stop sleeping on a pillow. I’ve done this when I’ve had neck pain and it works!
I’m going to leave it there for now. I already feel this went too long, so if you want more sleep advice, refer to my previous post! It’s loaded with goodies!
Health Coach Heather

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