Changed it up today!

I absolutely love working out with my husband. We hardly ever get to workout together because of our schedules, but since he has Tuesday’s off (for right now), he’s been showing me a couple of things at the gym. He helps me so much with my form and pushes me to do my best. Always encouraging too when I can’t finish another rep saying “You did awesome” and smiling at me with a thumbs up. Get yourselves a workout buddy like that!

So here’s what we did today instead of cardio intervals on the treadmill or elliptical.
Sled push: 45 lbs for me on each side…push back and forth on the floor of the gym 2 times
Box Jump: 10 jumps
TRX bands on feet in plank position doing mountain climbers, or both knees to chest for 20 reps.
Repeat this set 2 more times. No rest between workouts

Next Set of Workouts:
Push press with barbell 15 reps
Jump squats for 15 reps
Push-ups for 15

Repeat this set for 12, 9 then 6 reps. Make sense? It was a killer. Heart was pumping.

Next set of Core:
Flat bench legs up and down for 20 reps
Swiss Ball plank position bringing ball to chest for 10 (holding it for 3 seconds when in plank)
Repeated that twice more then did crunches on  ball to failure.

It was awesome. I was drenched with sweat. I needed that. Then it was off to Winco to buy more ground turkey, spinach, tuna and eggs. Gotta have my protein.

Have a great day of working out!

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