Covid-19 Protecting Your Family

With rapid panic spreading throughout the world over the covid-19 virus, I wanted to jump on here and give you just a bit of my expertise on the topic. I am not a doctor so I don’t know the scientific details of the virus, but as a Health Coach, one of my main jobs is to help my clients boost their immune systems so they’re less likely to get sick.

The Situation

So how serious is the situation? Some people will tell you not to panic, while others say it’s irresponsible to be calm. – The dooms dayer’s are very excited right now. This is there time! They’ve been prepping their whole lives. Who is right and who is wrong. No one. What you are feeling about this situation is completely normal and fine for you. Personally as a coach, I don’t think any action should be taken from a place of scarcity and panic. I can take action with a clear calm mind, knowing that my needs will be met no matter what. I don’t have to hoard a bunch of toilet paper and pasta. I can take what I need for now, and live in a place of knowing that whatever I need will come to me when I need it. If all of us had this mindset, we would all have what we need for sure and supplies wouldn’t run out. I just wonder what our country would look like if were were trained to really remain state of calm during a crisis instead of panic. Like if the media had us practicing drills for this. Deep belly breathing, positive thinking, steps to managing our emotions. What if we all hunkered down and started growing gardens. How cool would it be for the fruit and vegetable seed companies to make a little more money at this time? It makes me wonder what our world is coming to when a fight breaks out in a store over a roll of toilet paper. The real question becomes “how do we stock up on what we need for future use, yet still be in a mindset of leaving enough for others”? How much is enough? That’s what you really got to ask yourself.

More Concerns

A growing concern is the release of inmates in our jails. My sister’s jail has released 27 inmates in the past 48 hours. It’s not the major crimes but the minor ones.
Conspiracy Theories: Man Made virus or 5G. Although 5G doesn’t penetrate the skin, It’s 60 megahertz. Which is the exact frequency that upsets oxygen in the body. It lowers your immunity and may cause respiratory diseases. So the virus in a 5G world can make all of this worse. All the more to eat these foods.
Is the virus man made? There is absolutely no evidence to support this. So I’m going to say “No” on this one. Will there be a manmade virus one day? I believe there will. I’m not a future reader, but I can definitely see that coming one day.
In shakespherian times, theaters would shut down and people would try to get out to the country. This would happen often. Coronavirus has been around a long time. Sars and Mers were coronaviruses. It’s something that has been here.
So from what I’m hearing, it was passed to humans through an animal.
Should we wear masks. N95 respirator is sealed. It’s a tight fitting mask. Epocolypse mask. These are very effective. If you’re wearing a surgical mask thinking the virus can’t get in through it, that’s false. It can get in through the sides of the mask. Now if you’re infected and you’re out and about (why are you out and about)? Then yes, wear the surgical mask. When I see people with the masks on, I’m assuming that they are the ones infected with it, so I’m steering as clear as I can from them.

Michael Osterholm’s Information

Michael Osterholm – He as worked with governors and serves as a science envoy along with teaching at a university. He’s a medical scientist and his life’s work is researching diseases.
How Serious Is this? Should we be panicking, is it overblown? Well this is just the beginning. This will unfold for months yet. It’s acting like an influenza virus. You’re infected before you even get sick. Best guess we have right now is this could be 10-15times worse than the worst flu season we’ve seen in terms of illness. This could require 48 million hospitalizations, 96 million cases occurring and over 400,000 deaths that could occur over the next several months so this is not one to take lightly. Northern Italy is in a shut down right now and that’s the challenge with a disease like this. It can spread quickly. In Milan, they need all hands on deck in hospitals and they have to decide who to let die. There are many infected cases there in the age range of 40-50. So it’s actually not just old people. The primary risk factor for deaths is being old yes, but also people who smoke and have obesity are at risk. Obesity is just like smoking in terms of severe life threatening disease. We’ll see more life threatening cases because of these risk factors. High blood pressure.
Incubation period. How long is the time period from when you breathed in the virus until you get sick? In this case it’s about 4 days. We might be exposed to people who are asymptomatic (no symptoms) but it could affect us completely different than it affects them. I would plan on this going on for another 3-6 months. But I could be wrong. It could be shorter or it could be a lot longer.

What can the average person do?

What can the average person do? If you’re over 55 and have underlying health problems, then right now you know you shouldn’t be in large spaces.
If you’re hoping there will be a vaccine soon, there won’t.

How does a disease run through a population? If everyone gets it then they can’t keep transmitting to others. We’d all naturally be immune because we’ve been through it.

We close schools. Kids get infected and then transmit it to parents, that could be bad. Kids aren’t getting sick hardly at all. In china only 2.9% of cases were under the age of 18. They get infected, but not sick. We should have a plan in place for this stuff. If we close schools, we might not have enough doctors or nurses to help on the front lines. They need to watch their kids. So we need a plan in place for each thing. And this might be a good thing that comes out of the coronavirus. Plans will come into place. We need to protect our health care workers. They are the front line. Not everyone can do their job so we have to protect these workers. We can’t suddenly duplicate these guys. We can’t wait until the crisis to fix these things. We spend about .0001% on public health, compared to our defense department. And look how vulnerable we are. Its not a war or missile taking us out, it’s a virus.
There are 153 drugs right now that people absolutely need. Supply chains are going down in china and India where these generic drugs are being made.

Conspiracy Theories

Is this a biological weapon that wuhan has released? No. This thing clearly jumped from an animal to a human. There is no evidence that it’s an engineered bug. The real concern is actual diseases, not man made diseases. We could not have crafted this. The magnitude of this. Mother Nature does this.
Deer are infected mostly mule deer and white tail. So if you’re eating deer, get it tested. Hunting is important though for herd management. Particularly bucks. So people do know this and they are trying to control the population of deer. CWD – chronic wasting disease.
Learn how to boost immune system. Be as healthy as you can be. Stay in good shape. Get your weight down. Exercise.
If you’re on medications, don’t miss them. Even if you don’t have symptoms.
Eat a healthy diet.

The Right Diet & Foods

The beautiful thing about being in a state of ketosis with your body at a time like this, is not needing as much food to fuel your body. In fact, you’ll boost your immune system as well with a diet like that. Now is the time to probably start a keto diet. Train your body to be in a “fasting” state more often, then eat the right foods for the meal you do eat.
Okay, let’s talk about the right foods then for boosting that immune system. The coronavirus is spread by coughing or sneezing in the air. It affects the lungs. Not your gut or skin. The lungs need to be working really well. Saturated fat is what we need to boost the immunity in the lungs. Saturated fats are fats that are solid at room temperature. These happen to be all the delicious foods that prevent illness.
Knowing this, we need to eat foods that strengthen the lungs. These are going to be all of your foods that contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A is our number 1 protection against disease. Vitamin A contains your good saturated fat. This has been well known for a long time. Most American’s don’t get enough vitamin A. There’s no vitamin A in fruits and vegetables. The food that provides us with vitamin A is liver. You can take desiccated liver pills, cod liver oil, and organ meats or pate.

Cod Liver Oil

Before the 2nd world war. Before we had antibiotics, cod liver oil was recognized as what gave us protection against infectious disease. There was a huge campaign to get people to take cod liver oil. It protected people from the measles and the flu. Antibiotics came along and were touted as the new scientific thing and cod liver oil got pushed aside. Get well recommended brands for cod-liver oil. Some have been heated and some have not.
Fish oil and cod liver oil aren’t the same thing. Fish oil is boiled for hours at 200* so some people claim that it’s actually not good supplement for you. Take Cod Liver oil through this epidemic. You’ll feel more relaxed.
Think grass-fed butter and egg yolks, caviar and fatty fish. These are what your body needs right now to thrive.
Coconut oil. A very good fat for virus’. Eat 1 T. Every day. Melt in mug with your bone broth or throw in soups. Coconut oil can kill the coronavirus. MCT oil will be good too but it’s missing the Lauric acid. Lauric acid is valuable.
In regards to the virus…Respect the concern, but don’t panic. You’re depleting yourself of Vitamin A. The very vitamin you need to fight this virus.

Bring in the Vitamin D

Vitamin D and A are like twins. They work together. Every molecule of vitamin A requires vitamin D and every molecule of Vitamin D requires Vitamin A. They need each other. If you’re taking too much vitamin D, that will deplete you of Vitamin A. Especially if you’re not taking any. Have foods rich in both vitamins.
Vitamin C will definitely boost immunity. You can get it of course from your citrus, OR, you can get this from fermented veggies. There’s 10x more vitamin C in your fermented sauerkraut than in cabbage. The fermentation process increases the vitamin C. But if you’re supplementing with a vitamin, take a powdered plant vitamin C which is more natural. And FYI, the Glands of caribou and moose have high vitamin C if you’re willing to go kill one and eat the glands. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Drink Bone Broth

Bone broth. High in Glycine. Glycine is the number 1 detoxifyer in the body. It supports digestive health and respiratory disease. Buy the whole chicken and slow cook it. You need collagen for your skin, bones and joints. Feed and support that collagen production in your body with homemade broth. I’ll link my video recipe for this.
Raw milk contains components that support the immune system. A source of glutathione and white blood cells. Milk from the store is highly processed through pasteurization. It’s heated to 230*. It kills everything in the milk.
Let’s Recap. Here is what you need to boost immunity: Butter, lard, coconut oil, organic meats, raw organic cheese, raw milk, ghee, grass-fed butter. Cod liver oil, bone broth, fermented foods. Grass fed plain greek yogurt

In addition, do these things

In addition: Wellness Shots from Suja (look for turmeric & ginger)
Kombucha (low Sugar) “kombucha aid”
Whole turmeric with black pepper
Immune boosting tea like Elderberry.
IV drips

  • Lower alcohol intake

What can you do when supplies run out

Let’s brainstorm what we can do when supplies are out:
Its’ takes some thinking and some mind shifting, but let me give you a few good ideas that are healthier options for you anyways.
Toilet paper – Bidet
Sanitary napkins or tampons – Diva Cup
Water – Water pump or water bottles that can filter any kind of water. Iodine tablets.
Vegetables – Start making fermented veggies. They last indefinitely.
Eggs – Ground Flax Seed
Deodorant – Homemade deodorant
Toothpaste – Edible essential oils – spearmint, cinnamon, peppermint etc.. or make your own.
Clorox wipes – Norwex microfiber cloths
Face masks – Make your own with cheese cloth and rubber bands
Bandaids, Neosporin- Helychrism essential oil, cotton ball and duck tape or painters tape.

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