Define, Set and Reach your goals!

Welcome to this post…Define, Set and Reach your goals! Are you struggling in your current state getting to where you want to be? Not sure how to set goals and make those dreams happen? You can literally take any area of your life and set a goal. Let’s talk health for just a second…it’s my favorite topic! You might be thinking that health is a goal. But health actually is not a goal but rather a vehicle for where you want to be. You think you want to get off sugar, lose weight, or have more energy, but for what? You may have a lot of obstacles in your way. Let me give you some clear tools to clear the path.

There are two steps in planning for your ideal life:
1. Define your purpose.
2. Choose activities to help you accomplish your goals.

So what is a goal?

A goal is the end result. It’s what you’d lie to achieve. It’s the big picture and will generally remain consistent over time. In your career for example, your goal may be to have financial security as well as love the work you do.

What is an activity?

An activity is the nuts and bolts of accomplishing your goals. It’s the steps you take to reach your goals. Your activities will change over time. Don’t get confused thinking that the activity is the goal. The activity is the steps we take to get to the goal. Example: You want to get to the gym 3 times a week. Is that your goal or activity? Activity…RIGHT! You have a deeper goal behind that activity. You want to go to the gym 3 times a week so you can feel your best and avoid serious illness in the future. You’re also looking for a major confidence boost. Exercise can do this by releasing endorphins creating a “happier” you!

How do you define goals that align with your vision and purpose? 

Aim for congruity!
Goals should be connected to who you really are so you can have congruity between how you’re spending your time-your activities-and what you’re feeling inside.

Let your values drive your goals.

Divide your life into major categories: Relationships, Career, Spirituality and Physical Activity. Are you satisfied in all these areas? Look at your life in each category and think about where you can make changes to make it better.

Ask yourself, “Whose goals are these?”

Are these your goals or someone else’s goals for you?

Give yourself permission to dream big.

It’s common to question your right to have whatever you can dream of. But the sky’s the limit. Don’t let fear hold you back. Give yourself permission to make your dreams happen.

Allow your goals to evolve.

You are not married to your goals. They are fluid and do not have to be perfect. They will change as YOU change. Let this happen organically. Pick two or three to get started and be flexible and willing to adapt.

Evaluate, recalibrate, and let go when appropriate. 

If you find you aren’t making headway toward a goal, move on and let go. This will free you to move toward goals that are more aligned with your core values. Give yourself permission to move away from a goal if need be and honor that you may not be ready for this particular dream at this time.

Personal growth and development

Setting goals help you organize your time. Assign small steps toward your goal each day to move you forward. It motivates you because you know why you’re doing these things and where the activity is leading. You’ll then have the energy to move powerfully forward!

Focus and Clarity

Your aligned actions will become focused. When you’re focused you avoid distractions. You can improve decision making, time management and efficiency, which will lead to further improved focus and clarity.

The mirror effect

As you focus your energy out into the world, it will always come back to you ten fold! This not only feels good, but affirms you’re on track. That’s when your passion really grows. You will have experiences you never thought possible!

Making it happen

1. Write it down
    Putting it in black and white makes it real! Do this every day, week, month and year to get clarity.
    What will it take to get there? 
2. Identify your passion.
    What lights you up? List past successes. Reread your own resume. You’re more than the sum of       past accomplishments.
3. Prioritize and close the gap. 
    It’s important to close the gap between your activities (how you spend your time) and your goals. 
    If you tend to be overbooked, you may decide to not make your bed on the weekend so you can spend more time with your children or have time to cook. But if your goal involves teaching your children to become more responsible around the house, it might help to have everyone make their own beds on the weekend.  
4. Set deadlines and goal reminders. 
    Goal reminders can take many different forms. Experiment to find what works fo ryou. Create a dream board with affirmations, personal photos, and magazine clippings. Put your goals on index cards and post them around your home, office, or car. 


Surround yourself with coaches, mentors, and friend and family who will support you. 

It’s important to have regular communication with someone you have to answer to.  The key is to have someone who will keep you honest and on track by asking  “where are you with your goals?”

Develop your skills.

Do you need technical or networking skills? Do you need to create content?Do you need more topic-specific health information?

Break it down. Be persistent and consistent. 

Don’t try to achieve more than you can in a single amount of time. Be realistic.

Look for patterns where you’re procrastinating.

In what areas do you need help? Where and how will you get the help you need? Will a coach or mentor help you focus? Do you need information help? 

The Cost and Benefit of setting goals

What’s the cost of not setting goals?

*Without goals, your energy is scattered. You’re not as effective as when you have clear goals aligned with your true purpose and values. 
*Without goals, you become more reactive to the actions of others, the culture, and the environment around you. 

What are the benefits of having goals? 

*Goals provide purpose, intention, direction, and control. 
*Goals filter distracting “Noise” and provide laser focus 

~Answering the question “Why am I doing this?” enables you to stretch, grow, and move powerfully forward. 

~By setting goals, you enhance your personal growth and development and get to live a life that is congruent with your core values. 

Get started today! Sit down and really think about what it is you want in life. Make a plan on getting where you want to be. Don’t ever give up. Even if you took the steps to fulfill that goal and it didn’t happen for you. Get back on track, set the goal and go for it again. Sometimes I get knocked down multiple times and just need to readjust my game plan. I got your back! Dream Big! 

đź’—Health Coach Heather

  Information above provided by my own thoughts and education through IIN. If you’re interested in becoming a Health Coach click HERE


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