My dream job…amongst many others!

I have a dream….job!

I have a dream job (besides being a travel food writer). I believe it would be something I’d be so dang good at. A job that would shift the obesity crisis in America! A job that could potentially save many many lives! A job that would help others feel confident shopping for healthier foods in the grocery store. What is this job? Well, I don’t actually have a title for this job yet, but the job exists at a high traffic grocery store such as Costco. A place where you have to wait in line just to get inside the door. Here’s the job that doesn’t exist yet, but would be perfect for me.

  1. Costco hires me on as their Health Coach.
  2. I wander the store taking junk food out of people’s carts and replacing it with something healthy!
  3. People are so grateful
  4. people live healthier and know how to shop for themselves because of my help.

Here’s what would probably happen if I did that:

  1. I randomly pick shoppers who obviously need help cleaning up their diet.
  2. I begin to put their junk back on the shelf and replace it with something healthier (or stop them completely before they even put that thing (whatever it is) in their cart.
  3. They begin to argue with me loudly, putting on a show for everyone to see.
  4. They walk away feeling angry and mad because they can make their own food decisions and frankly, they just don’t care. Cravings for these foods have already taken over.

But I wouldn’t want that to happen at all. So here’s a picture of what this job COULD look like.

  1. Costco hires me as their healthy shopper guide.
  2. I am standing by with a name tag, ready to assist any shopper who’s ready to make healthy swaps.
  3. I am busy all day long helping people navigate that ginormous store for organic and healthy products (which are plentiful at Costco). I am giving recipes and ideas for each food that is put in their cart. People are grateful.
  4. Its a successful day for everyone.

Now, in order to create demand for a job like this, I’d only want to work one day a week for maybe only 3 hours. Let people get a taste of what it’s like to have a health coach guiding them through the grocery store. As we walk by the bread isle, I could give them a schpill on why bread isn’t the best choice in a diet (store bought stuff anyway) or at least steer them to the organic whole grain loaf. They might say “but my kid only likes white bread”. I might respond “I understand. Kids become accustom to what we feed them. It’s likely your child has been living off white bread his whole life. Let’s try bringing in only organic whole grain from now on. Your kid will likely give you push back, but eventually, he’ll back off once he see’s your serious. Crowd out bread completely with healthy home cooked meals and lots of fresh vegetables…I’ll show you how”. I’d then proceed to guide them to the produce isle where we’d talk about all the health benefits and recipes you could make with each item. I’d give them motivation and hope to continue down this path of eating healthy. I’d help them see that the things they think are healthy choices, really aren’t. Like those “naked” juices. Pure sugar. Or those yoplait yogurts or probiotic yogurt drinks…sugar, sugar, sugar. Cereal…just carbs and sugar.  People really just don’t know. I cannot even tell you the urge I’ve had to hold back many many times when I see shopping carts full of junk food. I guess I’m trying to make the world healthier, and they just don’t know they want it yet. I don’t judge, but rather sit back, and wish they’d hire me.

This in turn would create greater demand for Costco to have even more healthy food options. The store is awesome already as is, but imagine if they had a healthy shopper’s guide, on hand ready to serve the public!

(sigh)…I can only dream that one day this job might come to fruition. Imagine how the health crisis would turn around!

There’s an old saying from the movie “Grumpy Old Men”…”You can wish in one hand, and crap in the other, then see which one fills up faster”. -such wise words. My guess is the latter in this case, but on and on I dream!

What’s your dream job? Post in the comments below.

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