Factory Farming; exposing the dark side!

Have a few minutes to spare? You must first watch this video to understand where your food comes from when you purchase conventional meat. (Not for little kids) 

My heart sunk to my stomach as I watched the cruelty that comes time and time again within the meat industry. “How can this be legal” was all I could think of.
As a consumer who’s always looking for a “good deal”, I almost never stop to think about where my food comes from and if it’s humanely raised. At least I didn’t 5 years ago before I really understood. I’ve heard stories in the past and surely have said “If I could afford the good stuff, I’d buy it” I have a family to feed after all. STOP! It’s time I stopped saying this and really started to educate myself. Personally I love animals. My dream is to one day have a little farm and raise my own food. But for now, I’m at the mercy of the meat industry. The good news is we can make a difference…TOGETHER! And the answer is this…put more meatless meals into your weekly routine. I’m not asking you to go Vegan or Vegetarian. I’m simply asking you to eat meat sparingly. This is wise council my church has taught since the 1800’s. But what does “Sparingly” mean? For some people, it’s eating one meal a day with meat. For others, they only eat meat a couple times a week. Think about your daily diet….are you eating meat sparingly. If you’re living a life full of vibrant vegetables like dark leafy green salads, do those salads contain some kind of protein? If it’s meat, is it humanely raised meat? These are the questions we need to start asking even when eating out. Was that chicken atop your salad able to free range on a farm living out it’s life on pasture, or was it confined to a tiny cage it’s whole life, going insane from the day to day torture it had to forgo. Do you even care? Because the energy of that chicken you just ate, is now passing through your body.

As silly as this story might sound, I want you to think about it: A client we’ll call Jim was having nightmares on a regular basis. The dreams were so vivid he’d wake up disturbed and sweaty. As we talked about food choices and even the energy put out by food, Jim decided to take chicken out of his diet. Just like that, the nightmares stopped coming. Jim decided to read labels more often. He’d only buy grass-fed beef and humanely raised pork. He cut back on his meat intake and used beans, nuts, seeds and occasionally Tofu as a protein supplement. Jim lost a lot of weight and more importantly, felt amazing in his new lifestyle.
As I watched this video, I felt so grateful for the natural disasters that came to rescue those animals. God is looking out for all his creations. I couldn’t help but cry when watching and even had to shut my eyes. But a voice came “you need to watch this. You need to understand.” As hard as it was to watch, I know I needed to see that, so I myself could make some serious changes around our household. I already purchase grass-fed beef and have for sometime. The flavor is just so much better to me. I will now focus on pork and purchasing from local farmers instead of my local grocery store where it’s bound to be conventional pork that underwent all kids of torture. How can I support that?

If we want to make a change, WE must be the change! Vote with your dollars and choose NOT to support conventional farm methods. The fact that these methods are supported by the FDA makes me sick to my stomach. What can you do? Vote with your dollars. Take a stand. I believe there is a big connection between cancer and conventional meat. Article after article have stated such claims due to research.

You’re already living a healthy life, or at least trying. Why not take it one step further by choosing better quality food?

Check HERE for locations on where to buy humanely raised food and also a letter to give to your grocer requesting humanly raised foods.

I hope you will spend some time this week analyzing the food you bring into your home. Is there area’s you can make a change?  Weather you choose to go meatless or include more meatless meals in your routine, I applaud you. Look no further than Pinterest

Together we can really make a difference and put an end to conventional factory farming methods. Wont’ you join me?

Q: Did you see the documentary “What the Health” and what were your thoughts?
A: I saw part of it. I can’t fully support it’s claims because it is mainly talking about convential meats and takes no account for grass-fed and pasture raised meats. I think its a great idea however for all of us to stop buying cheap meat. Meat is one of the biggest expenses anyway on the grocery list. Why not save some money by eating a few more meatless meals through out the week?
đź’—Health Coach Heather

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