Whole Family Wellness Program

A unique program designed for the whole family. We’ll get everyone on board with clean eating and weekly exercises. If you’re family is ready to take the leap to get healthy, this is definitely the program for you!

​Hello! I’m Health Coach Heather, a Master Health Coach specializing in whole family wellness. I work with families struggling with obesity and sickness due to poor eating & lifestyle habits. Using doctor-written, medically-proven protocols, I help support my clients and their family’s by taking the mystery out of what to eat and how to care for their bodies.  In addition, providing protocols that make necessary lifestyle changes easy to adopt and maintain, I provide the support, guidance, and resources to help your family on their unique journey.

I studied at the top health coaching school in the world, IIN. I was proud to study at IIN because it allowed me to understand how to guide people to the root cause of their pain through diet, exercise and mindfulness practices.  I went on to further my education with a Masters Certification in Health Coaching from The Master Health Coach Academy. I obtained undergrad education from Dixie State College in St. George, Utah & Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

​​​"Take Two" -Whole Family Wellness Program

​Take Two - Whole family wellness program is based on doctor-written protocols that are scientifically-proven to be effective for aiding in the recovery of obesity/weight gain, anxiety/stress and mild forms of depression. This program focuses on natural healing by helping you eliminate the triggers in your child’s life that are causing chronic inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, and damaging gut health.

Take Two - Whole family wellness program provides you with everything you need to understand weight gain, fatigue, anxiety and stress and make the lifestyle changes your family needs without feeling overwhelmed! The 12-week program includes:

​~Weekly modules that come with informative video training courses and action plans to help you apply what you learn in your life
~Special video’s geared towards coaching children
~Access to video recipe library and video workout library to help you get on track with clean   eating and exercise
~Reference guides and handouts such as:  Kick the sugar habit, Pantry Makeover, Eating out guide, Glorious greens & smoothies, How to meal prep, Fermented Foods, Top tips for sleep, Hydration, Picky Eaters Guide,  and so much more…
~Ask Heather Forum - Submit your questions to me 24/7
~8 Live group coaching calls
~5-day Whole Foods Detox for beginners - perfect for the whole family

​Program Starts Feb. 18th 2019