Fasting for Health; My experience with a 36 hour fast!

What’s all the rage about fasting? The idea of fasting is nothing new. In the LDS church, of which I am an active part, we fast once a month for 24 hours. It’s not required of us, but rather asked of us so as to gain spiritual enlightenment or perhaps we’re going through something extremely difficult in our lives…perhaps someone close to us is. We fast as a way to show God that we are willing to sacrifice for the cause of whatever it is we’re fasting for. It’s a beautiful practice really. We abstain from food AND drink for 24 hours. Honestly, this is a tough one for most members of my church, but they do put their whole heart into fasting, even if they only make it 12 hours. Why did we start fasting anyhow as a religion? Many people in the bible practiced the law of fast (Moses, Abraham, Esther) as well as Jesus Christ himself. Miracles can happen when we’re willing to sacrifice for the greater good. That, I believe whole heartedly. But it was direct revelation from God to his prophets to ask the people to fast. Perhaps to show our willingness and obedience in all that will be required of us. So the idea of fasting, as mentioned before, is not front page news.

Religion aside, I was recently on vacation in Spokane Washington. My brother in law was thrilled to tell me how he lost 50lbs in a short amount of time (I think he said 3 months). I asked him what he was doing. He said he was practicing a 36 hour fast once or even twice a week. During this window of time, you’re allowed to drink water, a homemade electrolyte drink, and bone broth. But nothing with sugar so as to regulate the insulin levels. He had just finished reading “The Obesity Code”, and had a huge awakening. I am in the process of reading it myself and YES, it’s a winner. It explains this idea that insulin levels must be stabilized as well as hormones, in order to lose weight. But of course he explains it in such a way that produces that Ah-ha moment.

I’ve always known about intermittent fasting and the benefits thereof, but I never looked at long periods of time fasting such as this 36 hour one. I wrote an article about Anabolic Fasting in March of 2016. You can go back and read it if you’d like. And since I am always up for a good challenge, my husband and I decided to try the 36 hour fast together. Here’s how it went down.

Monday Night: Eat dinner, begin fast, go to bed. 

Sleep 8 hours…body is in fasting state, not eating.

Wake up, drink bone broth, make electrolyte drink for the day (recipe below). Drink whenever I feel I need something in my stomach. The electrolytes are what really give you the energy you need to keep going. But I also took the time to rest and did zero vigorous exercise. Just my mobility.

3:00pm. Headache came on. It was mild however. I drank an herbal tea and some water and pressed on. 7:00pm-Typically dinner time around here. Drank more bone broth. 8:00pm- hubby and I talked about all the food we wished we could eat at the moment. We wanted to cave, but didn’t. 9:00pm I was asleep and then awake at 5:00am.

Looked in the mirror. Tummy was indeed flatter and I felt fantastic. Not even hungry surprisingly. I warmed up a mug of lemon water and sipped on it around 7:00am. I broke my fast with a handful of pistachios. I took it slow. Made an egg and piece of bacon.

So all in all, I have to recommend fasting for anyone who’s really looking to get a hold on their eating habits and lose weight. You will indeed feel lighter because your body is “dining in” so to speak. It’s eating off the fat stores in your body.

Many cancer patients practice fasting to regenerate their cells for a healthier body. You’ll also shrink your stomach down as you practice fasting. You’ll be able to be more and more satisfied with less and less food. That’s a win.

You could read Dr. Axe’s article on Fasting and the different types of fasts out there. There really are many benefits including better sleep, better skin, mental clarity etc..

Just know that it won’t be easy. The magical part really happens when you wake up the next morning after you’ve completed your fast and you were diligent and consistent with it. So make sure you see it through to the end. You’ll want to quit around dinner time. Keep going. Keep drinking. And ease your way into eating the next morning. Don’t binge. Go for something super light and healthy.

Here is my Electrolyte Drink Recipe:

1/2 tsp. Sea Salt (or Himalayan), 1/2 tsp NU-Salt (potassium), 1/2 Lime or Lemon juice, 1 dropper of trace minerals, 1 dropper of Mega Mag 400 (magnisium), 1 T. Apple Cider Vinegar. Fill the rest of the quart up with filtered water. You can add peach herbal tea bags for flavor if you’d like.

Have you ever experimented with fasting? How did it go? How long did you do it for? Post in the comments below!

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