Finding Joy in the Journey

With the hustle and bustle of life, worrying about the virus, and kids all up in your business 24/7 because school hasn’t been in session for almost 6 months now starts to feel overwhelming, it’s easy to sit and hope things will change soon. It’s easy to dream about a future day where one day they’ll be back in school. One day you’ll have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. One day you’ll clean up your home or visit a friend. One day you’ll be happy again. What if ONE DAY could be THIS DAY? I mean, I can’t make school start sooner, but I can help you get to that feeling you are seeking when that ONE DAY finally arrives.

What would you get to feel if your dream life were happening right now?

Let’s first identify the feeling you’re seeking right now. If you had 1 million dollars in the bank, how would you feel? If you had perfectly behaved kids, how would you feel? If you had more alone time, how would you feel? Peaceful? Content? Secure? Relieved? Now…here’s the crazy part where I burst your bubble just a bit. Stay with me.

You think that all those things would give you a certain feeling. For example “If I had a bigger home, I’d be happier.” Only, it’s not the house that would make you feel that way. It’s your thought about what that house would do to provide for your needs. Let me repeat that…it’s your thought about a bigger house. It’s not the house itself. This is the best news I can give you my friend. If it’s not the circumstance that’s causing you to feel a certain way, but rather your thoughts, then why not change your thoughts?

It’s easy to let our minds get carried away with things we deem as “problems.” But ask yourself if it’s really a problem in the first place. Is it a problem that your bank account is at zero (and in some cases below that)? Why is it a problem? It’s a problem because you’re thinking “This is a big problem.” Another person might look at your situation and say “Wow, I have just enough to make ends meet every single month. What a blessing.” And how is it a family of 8 can live in a tiny house and feel completely content and not even have it on their radar to get a bigger house? You now why? Because of the way they’re thinking about their situation. You see, we’re creating our own experience in this world simply by our thoughts. It all in our heads.

Here’s where I get a bit woo woo

I have a really good business coach and mentor right now that’s teaching me to go a bit deeper with my spirituality. Some of this work includes understanding quantum physics. I’m also reading a book called “A happy pocket full of money.” This book is genius. The guy who wrote it is genius. But he can’t be tracked. I’ve tried. It’s as if he doesn’t really exist. He came to earth to drop this knowledge bomb on us all, then he peaced out! And if you’re not ready for woo woo stuff, you won’t be ready to read this book, so don’t even try. Basically it talks about creating that dream life in your mind. Seeing it in detail. Bringing it to your memory every day, twice a day for 20 min. What’s happening here is you’re giving your brain something to focus on. Something to go and get.

You keep those dreams at a high place in your brain. Then the trick is this...LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. Sounds contradicting, but this is the secret. Staying in a high, positive energy level in your present moment, will help manifest all those things you want. this means enjoying your life NOW, not later. But how on earth do you stay in a high positive energy when kids are fighting, you don’t know what’s for dinner, and you’re just plain tired to attend to any of it? Wanna know how? You change your thoughts about all of it.

Changing your thought

I LOVE the thought “nothings gone wrong here.” It helps to remind my brain that this isn’t actually a problem. We humans tend to make everything a problem when it doesn’t have to be. A kid spills milk on the floor, we get frustrated and yell. A teenage son has a fender bender and your insurance goes up. You yell at him and call him names out of reaction. You’re more concerned about the cost of everything because you’re living from a scarcity mindset, been there.

But what if nothings gone wrong? What if this was suppose to happen all along? How do we know? Well, we know because it actually happened. But you get to choose how to think and feel about every situation you encounter. Why not choose to believe “Nothing’s gone wrong here.” It’s beautiful. It brings peace. You’ll feel calm. Now you’re in a higher energy field where the life you ultimately want starts to manifest itself sooner. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Nothing’s gone wrong here

You see, when you live from the place of “nothings gone wrong here” you start to enjoy the journey. You stop reacting negatively to every little thing. It puts your brain to work coming up with solutions to problems instead of creating more. Here are some doozy’s I hear all the time…”our governments corrupt.” – Nothing’s gone wrong here. “Some people aren’t cooperating and wearing masks.” – Nothings gone wrong here. “I’m being forced to wear a mask against my will.” – Nothing’s gone wrong here. “My rights are being stripped away.” – Nothing’s gone wrong here. “The economy is going to collapse soon.” – Nothing’s gone wrong here. “I’m in a ton of debt.” – Nothing’s gone wrong here. You see, I could do this all day long.

We make so many things a problem within us (partly because humans love drama) and they don’t have to be. Doesn’t it feel much more useful solving the problem in your brain rather than blowing the problem up and then it stirs you up to anger?

Live from a place of “nothing’s gone wrong here”, and you will always live in the moment.

Practice gratitude

Saying thank you is a bit different than really feeling grateful. I want you to practice feeling the emotion of gratitude more often. If you can’t think of anything you’re grateful for, let me give you a couple of suggestions. Right now you are learning a very important life lesson. Something extremely valuable is happening in your brain right now with this specific trial you are going through. Gently bow your head and say “thank you for this lesson I am learning right now.” It might be a lesson of patience. It’s going to come in handy if you stop resisting the lesson and you just breathe into it. Allow whatever emotions you need to feel, and just say “thank you.” And think about your health. Your blood pressure won’t spike all the time because of your outbursts, therefore you’ll have better health.

Stop stressing about time

Okay, here’s where quantum physics get’s real trippy. What if there’s no such thing as time? What if we made time up? What if time doesn’t even exist, but rather it’s infinite? Chew on that for a second. We create problems for ourselves because we put deadlines on everything. We’re afraid we won’t get to accomplish all the things we want to do in this life because we won’t have enough time. That’s just a thought you’re choosing to believe. It’s not even real. If quantum physics is right, and time is infinite, than no matter what, you’ll have time. No matter what! “But what if I die” you ask me, “then I’ll be out of time.” What if you’re wrong about all of that?

What if you’re really here and you’re accomplishing all those things and living your life just as you would in mortality and even experiencing the people you love and those people are even experiencing you, only it’s a different “time” within our time. The hard part of you passing away is the people here in mortality don’t know exactly how to experience you because they don’t know how to tap into quantum physics. But you’re really here. It’s a trip. I probably lost some of you there and now you’ve turned me off, you’re on to your next podcast. I got too woo for you.

Summing it all up

I guess the point I want to make is that there’s so much we don’t understand about the universe. Why not choose to believe that everything is rigged in your favor? It’s all set up by divine design just for you. Tap into that thought for a second and see what kinds of feelings come up for you. How do you want to experience yourself and all the people around you today? How do you want to experience the people you love that have passed away? Experience it all now. Don’t wish that time would speed up or slow down.

Live each moment on purpose TODAY! This is how you enjoy the journey, yet create your perfect dream life for the future. It’s going to take practice. You’ll have to catch yourself every time you find yourself gossiping or complaining. You’ll have to bring your emotional state back to unconditional love. The highest frequency of the universe. And you get to do that simply by changing your thoughts. It’s powerful.

Now go out there and enjoy the journey of what’s happening today. Don’t wish it away. Experience it as it really is. Be grateful for it. Be grateful for the hard stuff. Be grateful for the things that are coming to you that haven’t yet manifest in your life. Be grateful and enjoy it all!

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Stay safe out there my friends and I’ll talk to you next week!

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