Good Health Makeover

Good health can mean different things to different people—especially during these unsettled times. Whatever your focus, the following tips I’m going to offer will carry you through this year and beyond.
“Meaningful physical transformation happens as a byproduct of doing a few things well, not by doing one thing perfectly.” – Harley Pasternak

Pressing Reset

Every year its the same. You start a new diet, hit the gym hard, tried a cycle class or maybe even crossfit. You even weighed all your food and counted your macros and calories. lt’s all been done, and nothing stuck. In 2020 you started again with the best of intentions, and you’re still not where you want to be.
Forget all of that. It’s time to press the reset button…again. There is no giving up. There is only getting that motivation to stick once and for all. We do that by hitting reset as many times as we need to. Here is how you can get back on track with your goals anytime you find yourself drifting.


Eat real, unprocessed food. Make sure every meal has a good combination of protein, non starchy vegetables (spinach, zucchini, broccoli, etc.) and up to a palmful of water-soluble fiber (whole grains, legumes, high-fiber fruit); and a healthy fat (nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, coconut butter) approximately the size of your thumb.
Try to keep things simple by throwing together a smoothie in the morning, or making a stir fry with lots of veggies for lunch or dinner. Even a bowl of soup can have equal amounts of protein and veggies.


I remind all my clients that I like them moving their body every single day for 30 minutes. If they can wear an activity tracker to keep track of their steps, that’s even better. I like to see them reach 10K steps or more. To help achieve this, park a block away from your destination. Walk around your block before and after dinner. Set timers every 30 minutes you’re sitting at a desk. Get up and stretch. Walk the halls. It all adds up quickly.


Sleep is and should be the number one priority when it comes to your health. Sadly, excessive screen time, caffeine and alcohol consumption, and obesity have obliterated sleep quality.

Eliminate all technology from your bedroom and avoid caffeine after 12:00pm. Create the perfect sleep environment by dropping the bedroom temperature at night to 67* F. Use black out curtains, and have some white noise playing in the background. These things will help you sleep even deeper.

Getting that early morning sunshine also helps reset the circadian clock and will help to produce more melatonin at night when it’s time to wind down. Do some gentle stretches before bed. Read up on my past sleep article HERE and HERE for more ideas.


Take a break from technology at least an hour or two during the day. Research out of Harvard shows that the amount of blue light emanating from cell phones, tablets and laptops plays havoc with the brain chemicals. Never-ending alerts, buzzing and chimes also have a negative impact on your emotional state, sleep quality and even appetite. Try some blue light blocking glasses in the evening time if you are around electronics.

Strength Train

Use resistance exercise to push, pull or press something that challenges your body’s muscles. Many clients, including myself, were able to decrease fat and increase lean muscle from lifting weights a few times each week. Aim for a good 30-45 min strength training session 3x each week. You’ll notice your body start to change and tone right up. And don’t forget to grab a set of weights that are just a bit heavier than you think you can do.

These are the basic tips I would recommend to anyone who feels they’ve gone off track a bit and want to reset! Including these tips along with my seasonal 5-day whole foods reset will be just what your body needs to get the jump-start you’re looking for. It’s perfect for the entire family.
If you’re looking to lose 20 or more pounds of weight, I insist you come try out my weight loss coaching program for a few months. You’ll see results week 1 which will motivate you to keep going for at least 90 days. You can schedule a 30 min free health assessment with me to find out more.

My program also works well for overweight kids 13 and above. If you or your child are pre-diabetic or diabetic and need some help balancing blood sugar and metabolizing fat, then don’t wait another minute. I can help you. Let’s chat about a plan that will work well for you.

P.s What do you do to help get your body back on track once you’ve fallen off the wagon? I’d love to hear. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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