Greens!!! The key piece your body is missing!

Green is associated with spring-the time of renewal, refreshment, and vital energy. In traditional Chinese Medicine, green is related to the liver, emotional stability, and creativity.

Speaking of Spring, it’s just about here! It’s the perfect time to detox your body by adding more greens into your diet. Many people hate eating vegetables and refuse to even eat them. That is not my readers. Thankfully I don’t have to talk any of you into eating your vegetables because you already know the benefits and how important they are to your health. But just to remind you once more the value of eating greens, here is a list to keep you on track with your vegetables:

  • Blood Purification
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Improved Circulation
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Promotion of healthy intestinal flora
  • Improved liver, gall bladder, and kidney function
  • cleared congestion, especially in lungs, by reducing mucus

What I love about greens the most is that they are a high-alkaline food. If you live in an area with high pollution, you’ll benefit greatly from eating greens. The alkaline minerals in our bodies are used to neutralize acidic conditions caused by the environment. Green veggies replenish those minerals and filter out pollutants.

What vitamins are typically found in greens?

Nutritionally, greens are high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and K. Greens are loaded with fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll, and many other micronutrients and phytochemicals. Many people take pills (vitamins) in order to get these nutrients in their body. The body will never assimilate a pill the same as it does the natural foods you are eating. Try eating the actual food before resorting to vitamins.

Organic or non-organic?

Although choosing organic is recommended, eating non-organic greens is still preferable to not eating any greens at all. The reason I opt for organic is because the amount of pesticides on conventional produce is ridiculous. These pesticides affect the endocrine system which affect the thyroid, adrenal glands, pituitary and pancreas. All of these glands secrete hormones. You know what happens when those are off balance right? If not, just ask the people around you. They’ll likely let you know that they know exactly when your hormones are out of balance.

What about sweet vegetables?

I love sweet vegetables. Although they rank high on the glycemic scale, they can be really helpful for those people whose sugar cravings are taking over. Rather than depending on processed sugar, eating more sweet vegetables such as beets, carrots, corn, onions, sweet potatoes, winter squash and yams can really help curb those cravings.

Sweet vegetables soothe the internal organs of the body and energize the mind. And, because many of these vegetables are root vegetables, they are energetically grounding, which helps to balance out the “Spaciness” people often feel after eating other kinds of sweet foods. Adding in sweet vegetables help to crowd out less healthy foods in the diet.

Some Semi-Sweet Vegetables include:

  • Parsnips
  • Rutabagas
  • Turnips

Other vegetables don’t taste sweet but have a similar effect on the body in that they maintain blood sugar levels, reduce sweet cravings, and break down animal foods in the body

  • Burdock
  • Daikon
  • Green Cabbage
  • Red Radishes


I’ve given you some great advice on green vegetables and sweet vegetables. Let me leave you with a couple of simple recipes for you to try out:

Of course steaming, roasting and stir-frying are all methods of cooking that you can play around with. Today we’ll focus on a nice simmer!

Choose one, two or as many as five of the sweet vegetables mentioned above. Chop the hard vegetables, like carrots and beets into small pieces. Cut the softer vegetables like onions and cabbage, into large chunks. Add enough water to a medium-sized pot to barely cover the vegetables. You may wan to check the water level while cooing and add more water if needed. Remember, vegetables on the bottom will get cooked more than the ones on the top. Cook until desired softness. The softer the vegetables, the sweeter they become.

Add any of the following ingredients: Spices, salt and or seaweed. Add tofu or beans for extra protein.

When the vegetables are cooked to your satisfaction, empty the ingredients into a large bowl, flavor as desired, and eat. The leftover cooking water makes a delicious, sweet sauce and is a healing, soothing tonic to drink by itself.



What are some ways you’re getting in your daily 3 serving of vegetables? I’d love to know!

♥ Health Coach Heather

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