Gym Etiquette

This is a difficult one for me because for the last two years I had a gym in my basement and didn’t have to share weights or show etiquette. But trust me I am NOT totally ignorant to gym etiquette. I am learning it and I always do my very best to be courteous. Today I was doing bulgarian split squats on a bench. I left my bench for a second to change the weights. I came back and stood by my bench getting ready for my next set. A man came up to me and asked me if I was using the bench. I said “Yes, I have one more set then I’ll be done and you can use the bench”.  He laid down anyway on the bench and said “You snooze you loose”.  I said “I am resting because Im going hard here” (my resting is only like 45 seconds to a min). He continued to do his thing. I re-racked my weights, went to pick up my towel and water and began to leave…”I’ll be done in just a minute” he said…..”That’s okay, Ill go work on leg press”….I walked away super frustrated with idiots like this at the gym. He was in his 60’s…obviously had an ego and thought he had the best body in there.  Be mindful of people around you. If you are about to use a machine, bench or a bar, look around!!! Is someone standing close by (like within 2-3 feet)? Ask that person if they are using the equipment before you jump on it. And by all means, don’t just jump on it if they say they are using it. I understand that some people hog a piece of equipment for a long time. If this is an issue, ask that person if you can rotate through between sets if you just can’t wait. If you can wait, let that person know that you would like to use that equipment next and if they could just let you know when they’re done with it. Gym Etiquette. It’s a lot more than re-racking your weights, and wiping off your sweat from a bench! It’s being aware of your surroundings. Don’t talk on your phone or have loud conversations about how many hot girls were at that party last weekend. Watch your language please. I hate working out next to someone who is talking to his “bro” and it’s “F” this and “F” that. Don’t stand right in front of the weights while you do your reps. Someone might need to put their weights back or grab some right where you are standing. Be courteous. And to the rest of you who do put forth the effort to be courteous, I would suggest BE PATIENT! There are many ignorant people at the gym. Enough Said. It’s always good to kindly remind someone to re-rack their weights or to let them know how many sets you have left. If we all do this, the gym will be a much more enjoyable space for everyone!

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