3 Hidden Causes to your Physical Pain Exposed!

Your physical pain (migraines, headaches, joint pain, depression, anxiety, achy body) could be caused by something you haven’t even considered.

I coach many many women who have physical pain. They already know about healthy diets and exercise. Some of them even take the leap to cut out inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, corn, soy, sugar, beef and pork. After going off these foods for a while and exercising regularly, they still have pain in their body. It’s frustrating to them. It even puts them into a depression because they can’t figure out why they are having the pain in the first place. They’ve even gone to doctors who’ve put them on medications that only cause other side effects that aren’t pleasant.

The people who usually make it to my office, are the ones who don’t want to resort to medications. They first want to do everything they can naturally to heal their bodies. So as a Master Health Coach, let’s take a look together at some possible causes for your pain, that you never even thought of.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

  1. Look into EMF’s (electromagnetic frequency waves). With the rise in cell phone use and making a 3G, 4G and now 5G network society, we are bombarded with electro-smog. A small percent of the population is extremely sensitive to it, and that small percent is growing to a bigger percent daily. Are you around computers during the day? Do you live by a cell tower or power line? Get yourself a “Smart Meter” and test your home. Children who’ve been diagnosed with leukemia, have had their homes tested with a smart meter. The readings for EMF’s were off the charts. Even classrooms were tested. They had the highest readings. A couple of YouTube videos you can check out are “Reducing EMF’s”. EMF’s are knows as the invisible toxins that act as a carcinogen to you. You should also follow “Nick Pinault” on YouTube. He is the EMF guru. Don’t roll your eyes at this one. Research is power my friend and it can heal your body if you’re open to understanding it. Think about your little children too. How often are they exposed to electronic devices? Homes that have an X-box or gaming systems, are putting off a massive amount of EMF’s. There are ways you can still hang on to your devices, and shield the EMF’s, so don’t panic.

2. You probably already know that cleaning up your diet can clean up the pain in your body 90% of the time. You might even tell me that you have cleaned up your diet. In this case, can you write down a food plan 24 hours in advance and stick to that plan like white on rice? Don’t put anything in your mouth that isn’t on that list. When we can really get good at following a plan, we can pin down what food exactly might trigger inflammation and pain for you. If you haven’t gone on a gluten free diet yet, I recommend this for you. Gluten is known for causing migraines, headaches and joint pain. Even lack of sleep. So if you’re still eating gluten in any way, shape, or form, cut it out. Check your products like lotion and toothpaste. Even the tiniest amount could trigger you if you’re sensitive or celiac.

Up your servings of dark green leafy vegetables to 9 servings a day. Those alkalining veggies can help heal your cells and take away inflammation in the body. Are you lacking minerals like magnesium, Iron, Zinc? Eating whole foods and healthy veggies can give you those minerals, but you also may need to supplement for a while. See if that helps. Take a good multi-vitamin and some fish oil. A good complex B vitamin and D vitamin along with a probiotic is helpful. How about some tumeric with black pepper to help it absorb better. There are many things within the diet that you can play with here. Be consistent though. Don’t do it for one day and come back and tell me it didn’t work. Give it 30 consistent days (no sugar or flour) and doing all these healthy things.

– I’m also going to include sleep here. When we sleep, the body is repairing the day’s damage and regenerating healthy cells. You must be consistent at getting 8 hours of sleep. In some people’s cases, they need more like 9 or 10 if they’re playing catch up or trying to heal their body.

– If you’re taking medications right now, have you considered that they could be causing pain in your body while they’re helping you with something else? Seriously! If you’re taking care of your body with these tools I’m giving you, you CAN heal yourself by yourself. And when you have a cold coming on or allergies or the flu, look into homeopathy medicine. Many people think it’s a placebo, but studies have been done that it’s NOT. It actually works. Your health food store will know right where to point you for that type of medicine when you need help. READ THESE ARTICLES if you need more information.

3. This one might not resonate with you, but I’m telling you…it’s a powerful one! Your feelings that you’ve buried deep inside for many years, could be the cause of your pain. It’s time to bring those to the surface my friend.

Journal your thoughts and feelings every single day. Hire a life coach to help you work through your stuff and set you on a path where you can clear those old emotions and create the life you always wanted to live. It’s amazing how emotions are energy vibrating in the body.

Read the book “Feelings buried alive never die…” – Karol K. Truman. It will blow your mind. Did you know, for instance, that Migraine Headaches are attached to: Inability to handle pressure or stress for long periods. Pushing to control; wants to control. Dislikes being pushed. Want to take things at own pace. Unable to flow easily with life. This is interesting if you ask me. What about Joint Pain? It’s attached to: Feelings of resentment and suppressing hurt feelings. Can you think of anything in your life where this could be the case? Let’s clear it up.

I just graduated with a Master’s in Health Coaching and I’d love to be part of your healing journey. Schedule your FREE discovery call with me today.

I hope these ideas gave you hope for what could be causing your pain. I know how frustrating it can be. Every time I eat pizza or sugar/flour, or something greasy, I can feel gallstones under my right rib getting bigger. A dull ache comes on, but it’s very uncomfortable. I can either choose to band-aid that with a medication, or just avoid those foods and live with freedom and be healthier for it! My gallbladder is important to me, so I make these changes happily. I feel amazing when all systems are flowing regularly. Make sure you’re using the bathroom every single day. Don’t get plugged up. Let’s solve for that if that’s an issue for you.

Have a great day my friend!

Best of luck to you in figuring out your pain.

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