How to get back in shape

So you want to get back in shape. You’re feeling frumpy and lacking energy. You know you should work out or go for a nice long speed walk, but you just can’t get yourself to do it. You’re lacking motivation and drive…now what? In this article, I’m going to teach you how to get back in shape even if you’ve been out of the game for a while.

We’ve all been there my friend. Getting back into clean eating or exercise again, after an extended vacation away from these habits, can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. As you follow these tips below, you’ll gain back power over your brain and you’ll be back in the game. You’ll be hitting big goals before you know it!

Commit to something small and doable

It really is as simple as drinking more water. Can you commit today to drinking half your body weight in ounces of water? Download a water app on your phone, or set a timer to remind you to drink a glass of water every hour. This small tweak in your routine, can have profound effects. As you’re drinking more water, you’ll feel better. You might even feel more motivated to take another action step towards your health.

Make a plan to exercise

Exercise Plan to get in shape

It’s important that you plan your exercises 24 hours in advance if you are serious about getting back in shape. This way, you’re higher brain (the thinking brain) is doing the work. You make better choices when you plan ahead. What can you commit to doing for exercise the next day? Got time for the gym? How about a 30 min walk/run? When will you fit it in? These are good questions to ask yourself the night before, so you can be ready with a plan of action.

Hold yourself accountable

Things will come up and life will happen after you make your plan. This is why it’s important to hold yourself accountable anyway. Our brain will look for any little excuse not to stick to our plan. The brain wants to stay safe and go the easy route. It doesn’t want to get up early when it’s dark and cold outside and head to the gym or go for a run. But this is what sets you apart from the slackers. If you truly want a healthy body and mind, holding yourself accountable to your plan, especially when you absolutely don’t want to do it, is the most important thing you can do. You’ll be a person who’s dependable and reliable. You can count on YOU!

It’s not all or nothing

You might think that in order to get in shape you need to move your body for an hour. This isn’t true. If all you have is 10 minutes, try doing some tabata drills, or some 1 min sprints outside. You can pack a lot of good movement in, in just 10 minutes. So don’t be tricked by your brain thinking that you need to spend an hour at the gym or working out, in order to improve your health. DO WHAT YOU CAN and what you have time for.

Reduce your stress and sleep more

Getting your body back in shape is really a matter of managing your stress. If you find yourself in that phase of life where things are just really hectic and crazy, ask yourself if you can cut back on anything. Are relationships or career causing you lots of stress? Reach out to me. As a health coach, this is what I do. I help you take those stressful areas and turn them into peace! This is the power of having your own coach. I have one. Some of my friends have them. And you can tell how much better things are mentally and emotionally when you have a coach to walk you through what is going on up there in your brain, and how to manage this thing called life. Be sure to head to bed 1/2 hr earlier than usual as your body probably just needs some much needed sleep.

Getting back in shape will not happen overnight. It’s a matter of aligning the mental aspect with the physical, and just getting after it! As you consistently work these tips into action, you’ll see your body and mind transform.

Good Luck!

What do you do when you’ve fallen off the wagon and need to get back on? Post in the comments below!

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