I am constantly seeking answers for my family’s health. I would like to share with you some websites/podcasts I have found very helpful for me in my journey to greater health. If I could give you one piece of advice…an action step if you will, it would be to cut cereal out of your morning routine. I know commercials and marketing tell you to do just the opposite, but I promise….grains are holding you back. You might be shaking your head at this right now, but there are two books I would advise you to read…1) “Lose the Wheat, Lose they weight” & 2) “Grain Brain”.
Cutting grains out of my diet has helped tremendously. Having said that, I have a loaf of Ezekial bread in my fridge when I am carb cycling (I can go into that another time). I guess I feel like it’s the healthiest bread on the market since it’s sprouted bread. But if Im getting carbs in my diet, it really isn’t through any kind of grain at all….I usually will eat sweet potatoes or greek yogurt. Did you know that a scientific study was done where people were eating a piece of “Whole Wheat” bread, then a little while later they would eat a snickers bar. Insulin levels spiked higher when the bread was eaten vs. the snickers bar. Lose the wheat and you’ll lose the weight! Enough said.

Okay, here are some websites that have really helped me on my journey:

-The wellness mama:
She also has a podcast that I listen to religiously. Im learning that to live a completely healthy life, I need to cut out all the toxic garbage in my life. That includes store bought deodorants and health care products. I’ve even made the switch to the Mestrual Cup from tampons. Im never looking back either. So much better for you and the environment. I switched to natural toothpaste. I started oil pulling a few times a week. I make my own homemade deodorant. I started doing that after reading about the ingredients in deodorant and some of them are cancer causing….like aluminum. Can I just tell you, since doing these things and eating right, my skin has cleared up and stayed that way. I feel more flexible, I have more energy, I sleep great, I rarely get sick…even when “It’s going around”, my oral health has improved leaps and bounds (and honestly I haven’t been to the dentist in over a year), but my gums stopped bleeding and tooth sensitivity is no more. And of course, I lost weight!

The Fat Burning Man:
I really like this guy! He totally speaks my language when it comes to lifestyle and diet. You NEED to listen to his podcast. Go to your app store, download “Podcasts” or “Stitcher” App. Search for “Fat Burning Man” in your podcast app. Listen to his show. All of them are good. He has one called “The Paleo Code” by Chris Kresser that I found delightful. But seriously….all his podcasts are great. He also has some app’s that I would recommend purchasing 1) The Caveman Feast App and 2) Gluten Free Desserts. Looks like he just put another one out there called “14 day juice challenge”

-Chris Kresser:
He talks about the paleo code and personalizing a diet that is right for you. You don’t have to be 100% Paleo to claim you’re paleo….eat what works for your body. Read his book The Paleo Cure.

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