Juice Fast is over! Here is the report!

Okay you guys, this was seriously the hardest challenge I think I ever proposed to you! It sounded so simple. I watched “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” documentary on Netflix. I understood the concept of juicing. My dad who seriously has NO willpower whatsoever (sorry dad if you ever read this) even he was able to juice fast for 30 days straight and lost upwards of 50 lbs. So I figured we could do this for a week right?
Day 1: I had my juices all prepared. I kept my stomach full whenever it was talking. 1:00pm hit and I just wanted to munch. Had to call hubby to talk me through it. Was able to overcome craving and truck along….thinking the entire time “If I can just make it 24 hrs”! Well, I made it 24 hrs.
Day 2: Still juicing strong in the morning. Even taught cycle that morning and felt fine. Even went to crossfit in the afternoon and felt fine….here’s where I slipped. Since my family is not juicing every meal with me, as the mom, I still have to cook for them. I roasted a chicken (You really need my recipe to understand, it’s amazing)..roasted to perfection. I took it out of the oven and just looked at it as I inhaled the fumes it was giving off. “Just a little nibble” said my mind. So I took a nibble. A nibble turned into about 1 oz of chicken. Then I drank more juice and maybe nibbled a little more. So I was about 80-90% Juice on day 2!
Day 3: Off the juice! I still drank juice throughout the day, but still ate solid food. You guys, it’s hard! And unless your mind is completely in the game (even then, I thought mine was), you might just cave. But here are some friendly tips that will help you if you still want to do this detox for 1-7 days! Anything is better than nothing!
1. Have a buddy do this with you so you can cheer each other on and call them when you think you’re going to cave.
2. Don’t go near your kitchen..only to grab that juice out of the fridge. Sometimes you can’t totally avoid the kitchen, but don’t stand idly by the kitchen. Your mind will wander to food every time. On that note, keep active. Be busier than you’ve ever been. Don’t stay in your home if you can help it. Keep running errands.
3. Have your juice pre-made each night and your fridge stocked.
4. Drink a quart of lemon water in the morning for a quick detox and fill up before drinking the juice.
5. Be prepared to go to the bathroom…a lot!
I know you guys can do this! I actually could see some abs the morning after day 1. I was even having some breakouts on my skin which was telling me that my body was detoxing at the time.
Just get it done! You’ll be glad you pushed yourself to do something hard!

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