NEW Workout….Let’s try some circuits!

Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Total body Workout! 
For all the busy moms out there, you can have the best of both worlds of exercise. You CAN blast that ugly fat and build sleek and sexy muscle tone at the same time in less than an hour. I weave in strength exercises and cardio in a circuit training workout that takes less than 45 minutes!
No room for excuses — you don’t even have to go to the gym! You can do this workout at home and still enjoy a sexy and super-fit body.
Strong is the new skinny, so print out your workout and get moving!

Shape Up Fusion Style

Watch The Video – 13:34

The JNL Total Body Workout

“I call my training methodology JNL Fusion. I have blended the best fields of fitness into one, and infused it with intensity and power yet also focus and grace. And your body will prove its powerfulness in the results that it gets.” – JNL
JNL Fusion Workout

  • 6 circuits
  • perform each circuit 3x
  • 2 exercises per circuit
  • 1 min rest between circuits
  • 45 min max
JNL’s Fast-Paced Circuit

Here’s my favorite fast-paced circuit, for when I’m short on time and long on needing a workout!
This is the exact workout that I do, to hit all of the major muscle groups of my body from top to bottom.
It involves 3 circuits, performed one right after another.
The JNL Quadruple Threat Butt-Blasting Circuit

When you need an instant body lift, and want to tighten and tone your entire tush!
Repeat this circuit 3 times with little rest in between.
Perform 8-12 reps if you want to build muscle, 18-21 reps if you want to maintain your muscle tone and build endurance.

JNL’s “No More Wiggle Workout”

JNL tackles those hard-to-hit target areas; arms flab, back fat and inner thigh wiggle, be gone!
The areas of a woman’s body most prone to being jiggly and wiggly are the back of her arms, or the triceps area, and her inner and outer thighs.
This workout will target these trouble zones, tightening and toning them up to blast off the jelly!

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