No More Cereal – 4 breakfast ideas to fuel your day right!

Are you a parent who’s gotten in the habit of serving up cold sugary cereal for breakfast because your kids love it and it’s convenient? I get it…when your mornings are hurried, we tend to feed our bodies whatever we got lying around. But what if you actually put a plan in place to make breakfast your healthiest meal of the day? I wonder how things would be different for you and your family. Today I’ll be giving you 4 breakfast ideas to get you moving in the right direction. The healthy direction. Not the sugar loaded one.


When it comes to a good breakfast, a great rule of thumb is to think “High Protein, High Fat”. High protein breakfasts will keep you fuller longer without the insulin spike. High fat breakfasts such as eating 1/2 an avocado, a handful of walnuts, or cooking your eggs in grass-fed butter, ghee, or coconut oil, are great for the brain. Your brain is mostly made up of fat, so naturally, it loves good high quality fats. An omelette loaded with veggies, and avocado work out nicely for breakfast. I even like to throw in a handful of spinach and a sprinkle of feta cheese for extra nutrition and flavor. Always go for “Pasture Raised” eggs, whenever possible. Don’t buy the cheap eggs. We want quality eggs fueling our body.

Along with eggs, I might even make up some sourdough waffles with a drizzle of pure maple syrup and berries on top. The kids love them and they compliment the meal nicely. Plan on giving yourself an extra 30 minutes in the morning to cook up a good breakfast. We’re not going for fancy, just healthy.


Another rule of thumb when deciding on a healthy breakfast, is getting those veggies in first thing in the morning. A lot of people will do this by making a smoothie. Great idea! But be careful about the sugar content in the smoothie. We tend to use only one vegetable to 3-4 fruits. Can you get your smoothie ratios to 3 veggies to 1 fruit? This will be a challenge at first, and the kids may never catch on to it, so just up the veggies whenever you can.

One of my favorite breakfasts is a sweet potato cabbage hash. I do this by dicing or julienne a sweet potato, throwing it in a cast iron skillet with coconut oil, onion and maybe a bit of garlic. While this is cooking, I shred up 1/4 head of cabbage (green or red). When the sweet potato is soft, I add the cabbage to it along with salt and pepper. You can throw some cooked crumbled sausage in there and also a fried egg on top with some avocado. It’s delicious!

Seeds & Nuts

Both seeds and nuts pack some good protein and quality fat, so naturally it makes a great go-to breakfast. Try some Chia Seed Pudding. It comes together fairly quick when you’re short on time. You can make it in a variety of flavors. I like chocolate myself. Chia seed pudding is traditionally served as a healthy dessert, but it makes a fabulous breakfast as well. You can get my FREE PDF of my top 2 healthy desserts (including this chia seed pudding), by clicking HERE.

Today I want to share my seed porridge recipe with you.

This recipe is taken from my 5-day Whole Foods Reset (Spring Edition), so if you like it, go grab the 5-day reset. I have lots of healthy, delicious recipes for you to try in there.


2 TB unsweetened coconut flakes 1 TB raw pumpkin seeds
2 tsp chia seeds
1 TB raw flax seeds 1⁄2 C fresh strawberries, raspberries or blueberries
2-4 TB non-dairy (coconut, almond, hemp, etc.) milk


  1. Grind the first 3 ingredients together and cover with 4-6 oz hot water.
  2. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes or until chia seeds have gelled to create a porridge. Grind flax seeds separately, then add to porridge with milk and fruit.

Yogurt Bark

Okay, I had to throw one in here for the kids of course. If they don’t eat the other ones mentioned above (and remember it takes a child trying something 20 times before they actually develop a taste for it) then they’re sure to like this next one. Frozen yogurt bark is great to prepare the night before. When you’re short on time, just break it into pieces and serve it up as you’re heading out the door. Its delicious and nutritious. Be sure to use a plain greek yogurt as it’s higher in fat and healthier than the others. Sweeten it yourself with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. Flavored yogurts have tons of sugar in them, so we want to avoid that as much as possible. HERE is the frozen yogurt bark recipe, compliments of “Easy Family Recipe Ideas”.

So there you go! Delicious, healthy breakfast ideas to get you away from the traditional cereal breakfast bowl. When you fuel your body and your child’s body right, first thing in the morning, the results you’ll see are better behavior, better focus, better energy, and an overall happier child. Just keep the good healthy food coming. You got this mama! 👊

P.S. Have you grabbed my 7 page PDF of healthy snack boards yet? If not, you can get that HERE. My goal is to help your family eat healthier so you can experience more peace and harmony in your home.

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