Not seeing results? Do THIS!

If you consistently count your MACRO’s for 10 days, I guarantee you’ll see results with the workouts. What is Macro counting you ask? Macro’s are a combination of Fats, protein and carbs. I often don’t count calories. I count my Macro’s. To find out how many macro’s you need for your specific body type, you’ll need a good weekly estimate of how many calories you consume on a daily basis. Then go to this Free Macro Calculator site. You can choose if you want to lean down, gain muscle or stay the same. It will show you how much of each category (fat, protein, carbs) you should consume. Then with your smartphone, download the “my fitness pal” app. You can manually add these numbers from your macro calculator in the “goals” section. It will keep track of them for you. You will eventually see a pie chart on that app that will show you the percentages of your Macro’s you’ve consumed for the day. If you go to the top right of the pie chart you can see a Nutrition label thing that will tell you how many more you can consume for the day of each. It will help you not to go over if you clock in each meal. It’s super easy once  you get the hang of it. This might sound confusing but just ask anyone who’s used the app. They can help you figure it out. No more counting calories. Count your Macro’s.

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