Part 2: How to win the battle with your picky eater

I’m back with tips 3,4, & 5 today. If you continuously feel the struggle to get your child eating fruits and vegetables, then you’re in the right place. It’s a challenge for most parents due to the western diet. Processed and sugary foods are all too common in our culture, so it’s time we set our children straight.

Tip #3: Stop eating out as often

It’s probably time to take inventory of what percent of your meals are convenience meals (restaurant food). Ask yourself “how often do I eat out or go get fast food”? Once you gain awareness of how often this is happening, you might be willing to cook at home just a bit more. We’ll gradually get you there! Are you eating a lot of microwaveable foods, canned or packaged foods, or boxed dinners? Just take note and write it all down.

Once we gain some awareness, now its time to check in and become aware of how often your child nags you to go through a fast food place. Have they become addicted to these foods as well?

Now that you have some awareness, you’re ready to make some positive changes. It’s time to get you back in the kitchen. Come on back to the kitchen mom (or dad). If I can get you from eating out 80% of the time, to 40%, then eventually to 20%, then that means the majority (80%) of your meals will be home cooked. That is HUGE win!! You’re going to save so much money & calories. Not a bad thing. You’re also going to know exactly the ingredients that are in your food because you prepared it and not some chain restaurant who doesn’t care a lick about organic, clean meats and produce (refer to the dirty dozen pdf to find out which ones to buy organic).

If you love the idea of convenience food, then it’s time you learn how to meal prep. Putting aside 2-3 hours on a Sunday afternoon will bring you a sense of relief and joy throughout the week when you see your fridge stocked with foods that are healthy and delicious. When planning your meal prep afternoon, think protein (any lean organic meats you want), veggies (roasted veggies or salad), healthy fat (avocado, handful of walnuts, olives), and starch (rice, quinoa, cous cous, farro). If you are on a special diet, then just pre-cut and make those foods and put them into containers. They’ll be some heavy work and clean up on your food prep day, but that’s it! You won’t need to do much at all throughout the week. It’s a beautiful thing.

In this category of not eating out as often, and meal prepping, we need to get you confident in sending your child to school with a clean, healthy lunch. If you need ideas of what the lunchbox could look like, please go follow me on Instagram. At first (and maybe forever), your kids aren’t going to like everything you pack in the lunchbox. They may even come home with a full lunchbox. Don’t be upset. This is how it goes. Our responsibility as parents is to nourish our kiddos with good foods. It’s been my experience that survival instincts eventually kick on and your child will eat clean foods. You can also bribe them a bit (more on that in the next post). I typically pack my kids some leftovers from the night before, a fruit, a vegetable & sometimes a starch. They rarely get anything packaged in their lunchbox and they’re doing just fine. A large part is due to TIP #1: EDUCATING THEM.

So there you go!

You can listen to EPISODE 2 of my podcast on this very topic:

Wishing you all the best in your healthy family endeavors. Come back and check out my final post where I’ll finish up this post series with tips 4 & 5.

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