REWIRE WORKOUT! 9 weeks of training. Let’s do it together!

For the next 9 weeks, this is the workout we will be doing. In this order. I will let you know if anything changes as far as sets and reps go. Print off the pages and take them to the gym with you so you know what you’re doing when you get there. Remember to EAT CLEAN. You will not see results if you’re not eating clean 90% of the time. That means one cheat meal (not cheat day) a week. No extra sugary stuff and stay away from bread and pasta. Try eating lean meats like chicken breast, fish, ocasionally a lean steak, ground turkey, ground chicken. Pair this with a hearty helping of vegetables. Season however you like but don’t go overboard with the salt. Try Mrs. Dash spices. I promise you will see results. Eat 6 meals a day. Eat every 3 hours on the clock and drink a gallon of water every day if you can. I shoot for at least 3 days a week drinking a gallon. But Im trying to do more. Good luck! 
Day 1: Arms

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