Secrets to a successful life


Did you know you can create whatever life you want to live? It’s true. So many times in my life I’ve heard so many people say “Life isn’t at all what I planned it to be”. I think we all at some point have this blueprint in our heads about the way we want our life to look. When “life” hits hard, oftentimes that blueprint gets pushed aside. We are no longer able to trust in the things we want because we feel that somehow it’ll be taken from us.

I want to go back to that blueprint. Let’s pull it back out. What blue print you ask? The very same one you envisioned when you were 12 years old. YES, that blueprint. How did you picture your life turning out? What were your hopes and dreams? What kind of career did you always want to have? How much money did you envision you’d make? What did your dream house look like? Did you travel? What were your kids and spouse suppose to be like? If I could get you to tap into those dreams again, I could get you to create something truly magical and amazing with your life. But you need to believe first off that it’s all possible. It’s possible. Repeat that in your head a few times and let it settle in there.

Secret to a successful life tip #1:

Stop living in the past! I know it’s easy to play the victim. Shoot, I’ve been there several times myself, and guess what? It gets me nowhere fast. If you want to create an amazing, successful future, you need to envision it! See yourself successful (whatever that looks like to you). Live your life as if you’re already there. As if you are in high demand by others and the gift you have to give to the world!

Secret to success #2:

Stop spending all your money and start saving it! You know the saying “you have to spend money to make money”? While it’s great if you have a budget to throw into growing a successful business, or purchasing items for your lifestyle,  at first, that might not be possible for you. Get comfortable checking your bank accounts daily and writing down what you are spending. It’s hard for most people to go there, but this simple step will yield great return for your future finances. The quickest, most effective way to get your life to a financially stable place, is to track everything and start saving. You’ll never be motivated to do this until you actually go to step one first and envision your life exactly where you want it to be. You may have a goal to purchase a new home or to buy a car or pay off your education. Set a goal, track your finances, start saving and just watch what happens.

Secret to a successful life #3:

When you have the time to spend with your family/friends, make it quality! Enjoy every breath you have with the people you love and who love you. You know the saying “birds of a feather flock together”? Hang around people whom you want to become like. The people you spend your time with are surely the people you will become one day. If your friends are all overweight and unmotivated, guess what you’ll eventually become? Some people would argue different (like my mom). She says she’s motivated to never get that way when she hangs around her friends who are no longer mobile and become out of breath easily from a walk down the street. But the truth is, she’s not moving forward in her weight loss either. She’s comfortable around these people. They accept her. She continues to bake and eat treats on a very regular basis. What she really needs to do is hang around friends who go walking in the mornings, do water aerobics or weight lifting. Friends who know how to choose healthy options off a menu. I can’t imagine the lift it would give her in her health to be around such people.

My mother in law gave me a piece of advice her mother gave her. It’s changed my relationship with each child. She said “spend 20 minutes of quality time with each child, each day. Go into their world, play what they want to play”. This has made all the difference. My children obey and listen to me much better when I’ve taken the time to be with each one individually. The relationship is strengthened.

Secret to success #4:

Choose to refrain from gossip or speaking negatively about anything or anyone! At this end, I will add…GIVE UP WATCHING THE NEWS! (I lost some of my readers there didn’t I)? I’m serious though. The most negative people I know are news watchers. They don’t even know they are being negative. It’s just second nature to bad mouth and blame society for any little thing that goes wrong in their lives. As you step away from the news and all the gossip and declare to never speak bad about another person again, your joy will unfold 10 times! 10 TIMES! I want you to try that one on. Next time your spouse, significant other or anyone at all is really driving you crazy, don’t bad mouth them. Instead offer your brain this “I wonder if I can still love and support them even when they act this way”. “I wonder what that would look like”. Keep offering that same line to your brain and soon enough, you’ll get your answer.

Secret to success #5:

Define success in your life. Are you there yet? Have you achieved it? Why not? Do you think it’s time to redefine success? You should have everything you need right now. Notice I said “NEED” not “WANT”. Your life is already successful because you made it that way today. You live in the present moment and try to find joy in the day to day. You envision your future, yes, but you live in the here and now, basking in every single blessing you have today. A roof over your head, a shirt on your back, people in your life who care about you, food in your stomach, knowledge of a creator and a plan specific to your life. It doesn’t mean you feel guilt if you don’t feel grateful now. It just means you start practicing gratitude. This can easily be done by starting a gratitude journal each night. Just write down the top 3 things you were grateful for that very day. Maybe the weather cooperated with you. Maybe you had some alone time that was much needed. Maybe you met a deadline. Maybe you just got out of bed. Success looks like many many things. Realize that your life if already successful. Then when you’re ready to up-level your life, you set a goal, make a plan and move into action on that plan. Your brain will offer you “I don’t know how”. But guess what? You really do. Just get curious about what you’re interested in. Then get curious about those next step actions.


Before bed each night, ask your brain “What’s the ONE thing I need to do tomorrow to move my life forward”? Wait for the answer…it’s in there! And it might not be what you expected to hear at all. Go with the first thing that came to your brain.

Secret to Success #6:

Learn to GO WITH THE FLOW. Be flexible. How will you react when something very unexpected comes your way that doesn’t fit into your daily routine? Can you be more flexible? Does rigidity rule your life? Learn to let expectations go. Your life will be so much more fun if you can do this. So you have a bunch of kids who fight and make a mess….sometime you need to stop for a second and count your blessings that your children are alive. Jump in and play with them. Be spontaneous. You can set rules and consequences another time. Just this one time, jump in. LOVE THEM. HOLD THEM. PLAY WITH THEM. Put your phone down and everything you have planned to do, to teach them and be with them. As you look back on your life, this will be the one thing you’ll wish you did more. Not lecture or try and set them straight. This advice also doesn’t mean you let kids walk all over you and your house rules. This just means that once in a while you are flexible and you go with the flow. You’ll be less disappointed this way. Get good at making a new plan when one falls through. Tap into your creative side. I promise you have one.


Now, go out there and build your dream life. Your successful, amazing, beautiful life. You already have it’s all in your brain and your thoughts. When you’re ready to up-level your life, you now know what to do. And if you ever need a coach to help guide you, reach out to me. My clients are experiencing amazing amounts of success and joy by re training their brain to create what they want.

♥Health Coach Heather


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