The next two weeks!

Okay….I got the next two weeks of the workout up. Just click on the tab “Todays Workout” and you’ll see it! We’ve added an extra day of lifting. It’s going to be awesome! Always remember to listen to your body! If you’re sick that day…sit it out. I had to take almost the entire week off last week because of a cold. But to make up for it, I lifted for two whole hours on Saturday with my hubby! I am beyond sore but it was worth it. I was able to Preacher Curl a 50 lb barbell for 6 reps 3 times. Then I did a cable bicep curl at 70 lbs. It hurt so good. But Im so proud of how far I’ve come. Im starting to rethink my goals. Instead of wanting to look a certain way, I want to be able to lift heavier. Each time I go to the gym I think about how much weight I did that last time, then up it by 2-5 lbs. It’s not always realistic or even healthy for someone to work so hard at “looking” a certain way. Like trying to get that 6 pack for instance. I just read a really good article entitled “Why I don’t want a 6 pack”. Some bodies just weren’t meant to have them, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a great goal to achieve if you can get there. Some women do very unhealthy things to get that 6 pack though and that’s never going to be me. It took me almost 2 whole years to lose 25lbs. That was no quick over night fix. That was a change of complete lifestyle, and it was hard. And I still press on because I still have work to do and work to maintain. So Im making new goals! Lift heavier!

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