This is the last week of the Erin Sterns 4 week workout, so train hard y’all!

I can’t believe we are on week 4 of this workout! This is the very end now. Leg day was definitely my hardest! Doing the Plyo workout before the lifting kept me sweating the entire workout! It made everything harder. I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest by the end of each set of plyo’s. But it feels good to know Ive worked hard. If only my diet would have been a bit better during these four weeks. I felt like I ate clean 70% of the time when really it should have been closer to 90%.
So what do we do next? Well I’ve been thinking about going back to the basics because this was a bit intense for a beginner. I love starting with Jaime Easons 12 week trainer. I didn’t see results until the end, but it was a good starter. But after doing research on what I want to achieve next, I’ve decided to do the “Rewire” program. Click here to get all the details. We will start this workout on Monday! So take your personality test to find out your week spots when working out. Let’s get you rewired and ready to train hard…..all the way through!

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