This week’s topic: GUT SMASHING!

What the heck is gut smashing? You know that muscle in your abdomen that helps you breathe?…that’s right…your diaphragm! Well, did you know you should mobilize that muscle as well? The abdominal muscles are responsible for maintaining tightness throughout the day and especially during exercise. Mobilizing the tissues and layers withing the abdomen will have tons of benefits.
Because everything in our body is interconnected, gut smashing can help with back problems! The psoas major originates from our lumbar vertebra, thus laying on a squishy ball and smashing it into our gut (lower and upper) from pubic bone to the bottom of the rib cage, you can relieve tension in the back. But not only that! You can also lower your heart rate by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (which is also done through gut smashing). By stimulating the nervous system, this will help you to sleep better at night as well. But here are some other goodies you’ll take away!

-increase movement quality
-increase recovery
-decrease stress
-If you’ve had a hernia, birthed a baby, have pelvic floor issues or asthma this is especially helpful for you!
-Better breathing!!

Another blogger says “GUT SMASHING is the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done!” Check out his post about it here! 

And you can watch a video about Jill Miller (Yoga Godess) demonstrating how to do this! CLICK HERE

You will definitely feel some pain when you do this. Maybe even a vomiting sensation. Let that tell you there is work to be done in this area! The more you do “gut smashing”, the better you will feel and that pain/sensation will go away! I recommend doing this 5 min. a day and preferably right before bed. Just go buy one of those $3 kids plastic balls from WalMart. Deflate it just a bit so you can get a good squish. You don’t ever want to lay on a hard ball like a basketball. It needs to have some squish.

These plastic ones will work just great! OR you can purchase some legit Yoga tune up balls including the gut smashing ball HERE!
I have the yoga tune up ball kit including the gut smashing ball, but I have children and one of them decided to chew a hole in it!…so for gut smashing I’ve been using my $3 ball from WalMart.
But I highly recommend those balls for all things mobility!
Happy mobilizing as always!

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