Today’s Workout

Be sure to check out my new page “Today’s Workout” page, where you will find the workout I am doing that day. Follow along. This is going to be a great beginner workout. I will keep the home page open for tips and anything else I find helpful in my weightloss/build muscle journey! So be sure to check the Workout of the Day page on a daily basis. Print them out too if you need, and remember to just have fun with this! Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t try to lift more weight than you can handle. You will eventually be able to work your way up to the heavy stuff. I can only squat like 65 lbs. for 10 reps at a time. I’d like that number to get up to 100 lbs and I realize that that number is weak sauce compared to other people of similar size lifting quite a bit more. But the great thing is, Im not out there competing with them, Im competing against myself. I have the goal in mind and every time I go to the gym, I’ll add just a little more weight. It totally helps to have music that pumps you up and gets you in the “I CAN DO THIS” mind set. Some of my favorites are:

Party Rock–by LMFAO
Titanium–by David Guetta
Trouble–by Taylor Swift
I also throw in some Usher and Jay-Z for good measure

I have a wide range of music genre in my workout routine ranging from Country to Punk but mostly hip hop and R&B. Whatever works for you though! My Father In Law loves working out to old Motown stuff and it’s great! It really pumps him up and helps him push himself harder. I’ve seen this firsthand and it’s awesome. So get some jams that really move you and you’ll be able to push yourself too.

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