Your child deserves a healthy school lunch!

This week I’ve been busy running a challenge on my Facebook Page “Healthy Families Rule”. We are doing 5 days of healthy lunches. Weather you have children or not, this is a good habit to get into.

As I’m knee deep in my studies of Ayurveda, what I’m learning is that the lunchtime meal needs to be the largest meal of the day as your digestive system is burning hottest between 11am-2pm. A big beautiful warm meal, full of soup, salad, protein, fat and maybe even a little dark chocolate. A big meal in the middle of the day can give you all the energy you need to get through the rest of the day. Dinner should then be something light, like a cup of soup, or a small portion of whatever you’ve cooked up. But certainly not a big plate of food like we’re accustomed to in America. As we wind down our day, our energy levels are starting to go down. Our body is preparing for sleep. The last thing it needs to think about is digesting an enormous meal. Give it something light. You’ll feel wonderful the next day.

But this week, It’s all about the kids. If you didn’t get a chance to ready my last article on the school lunch system and how we can change it, you can read that HERE. It obviously a hot topic for me. What I believe we’ve created in our children today, is poor eating habits born out of our own comfort and convenience. It had to be quick and easy we said, so off we sent our children with a lunchbox full of fruit snacks, little debbie snacks, juice boxes, uncrustable sandwiches, gold fish crackers, and maybe an apple. Our poor children have developed palettes abused by sugar. Now that’s all they want. With a 400% increase in the rate of allergies, 300% increase in the rate of asthma, 400% increase in the rate of ADHD and a 1500% increase in the rate of autism, all within the last 20 years, I’m almost not even shocked anymore with these statistics as I see first hand in the lunch room what are children are eating.

That’s why I set out to do a challenge to really get parents comfortable making a healthy school lunch for their kiddos. You see, when we’re feeding our kids the best we possibly can, they’re going to produce the best results for their life. FOOD IS LIFE! Food is medicine. Food can heal. My goal is to help parents see the importance of fruits and vegetables (mostly vegetables) in a lunchbox. Below are some ideas!

Sushi with coconut aminos for dipping, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, carrots
Whole grain brown rice cake with peanut butter, apples, raspberries, blueberries and banana. String Cheese, Peas, Grapes.
Wild Caught Salmon and Rice, String Cheese, Apple, Celery and Peanut butter

It’s so amazing all the different combinations of food you can make and prepare for your kids. In my next article, I’ll teach you all about how I throw together an after school snack tray for my kiddos. When they come home from school, they’re famished.

If you missed out on this challenge, please head on over to our Facebook page “Healthy Families Rule” and request to join. My next challenge will be the healthy breakfast foods challenge.

Are you up for it?

What kids of lunches are you motivated to make for your children this week?

What kids of lunches are you making for yourself?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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